Monday, October 15, 2012

Turning The Page


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mr. Lick Lick

Leo & PeeWee               Misty         

AKA Leo, aka Lelo, aka Lelo Pelo, aka Pelo Pelo, aka Mr. Mr, originally known as Leo Canetta.

It is with so much sadness that I am here to tell you that my beloved Leo has crossed over Rainbow Bridge, hopefully into the loving arms of his human daddy.

Born March 30, 1998 Leo was one of 6 pups born to PeeWee and Misty. He is predeceased by his doggie parents and by his human daddy, Jeff. He leaves a loving grandmom/mama behind.

His life was one of grandeur. His daddy had him for 10 years and spoiled him rotten. He fed him from the table with his own fork. His daddy left the door open for him all day while he was at work, with the a/c or heat on, so Leo could go outside and go potty. His daddy cooked special spaghetti sauce and put it on his dry food. Leo always had his own steak and baked potato.

When his daddy passed on he went to live with his original mama again and went from a city dog to a country dog and loved it. He chased squirrels, birds and lizards to his hearts' content.

He was a lot like his doggy daddy in his demanding ways and sense of humor. His doggy mama came out in him in his loving nature, barking and tenacity in getting a laugh from his human grandmom/mama. He had his mama's looks and coat. His bark was a combination of both his mama and daddy. He was a stubborn little boy who sometimes wouldn't listen and just did his own thing.

After I posted last weekend my boy had two seizures. I knew at that point that it was time. Actually past time. I originally had made the decision to put him down a month ago, and a friend of mine in FL guilted me into not doing it. Against my better judgement, to satisfy my selfishness of wanting to keep him with me longer. I hate it when I don't go with my gut. After seeing him seize I was totally mad with myself because I let my weakness get the better of me.

I called the vet Monday morning and made an appt. for Saturday morning at 8. This past week has been so hard on me, knowing I was on a countdown of having my boy with me. I have taken this coming week off from work because I need the time to myself. I will probably jump on the bike and take off for a few days and just go where it leads. I need to feel the wind in my face and try to come to grips with this unfortunate event. This is the first time ever in my life that I have been totally alone. Friday morning was the very hardest. I didn't sleep well all week, but Friday morning I woke before 2, laid in bed for an hour and finally got up at 3. It hit me that this day would be our last routine morning, routine night. One more sleep and he will be going to his daddy again.

So if you don't hear from me for awhile rest assured that I am just trying to heal. If you don't have or never had animals then you don't know the void they leave in your life when they are gone. There is a huge hole in my heart right now.