Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's up with that???

Good morning,
So....I have this wedding coming up in March and I am working on dishcloths, potholders and such for the bride and groom. I found a set pattern that all of the pieces are hearts. Why do my heart lobes not look like the lobes in the pics??? I follow the directions exactly and they don't turn out like the pics. What am I doing wrong? I bang my head trying to figure out what I've done wrong to create flat lobes on the top of the heart. It's almost like a row on both are missing. Just my honest opinion, but hey, what do I know?? I'm relatively new to hooking, so to speak. I can do easy stuff, but I am willing to and do try harder patterns. Even though I taught myself way before, I got discouraged and put it down for a long time. I started making this scarf and it was getting really long. Wellllll.....it wasn't straight on the sides. I figured out why when I picked crochet back up but it's too late to finish it. I have torn a lot of it apart and made some granny squares that I have put away. I need to finish tearing it apart and make a ball and finish the granny's so I can put them together. But hey...I'll get to it when the fancy strikes me.

I just get so discouraged when I see a pattern I love, I follow it to the teeeeee, and the end result does not look like the pic. What's up with that???

Monday, January 11, 2010

big projects, little projects

I always want to start these big jobs and love getting into them but I come to a point where I am BORED with it and it's not going fast enough for me! So what do I do? I start something else. If it's small it gets done rather quickly because I can't wait to see the finished product. But if it's large??? Well...it kind of sits in one of my crochet containers until I get around to working on it again.

And that brings up another gripe about myself here......ugh......of course you have to put the needle with it so you won't have a different guage when you pick it back up again. So what does that mean?? Well....you have bookoo needles hiding out in the crochet containers with their respective project. So do I need 4 of each size needle? LOL

And another pitfall I've found lately. I belong to a group of women who ride motorcycles who fundraise to send stuff to the troops overseas. So come Christmas time I make their Christmas. Well I will find something and make them the same thing, only different colors. This year was slippers. Talk about bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over. And you'd think that it would get easier to do them, but no, it's gets harder because it's harder to concentrate! My mind is everywhere else but!

I love the little projects. They go so quickly. I will say one thing for the big projects though...the satisfaction when they are done is unbelievable.