Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to the Grind

I so did not want to get up this morning and come to work. Leo woke me up several times during the night. Why I don't know but I let him out the first time. After that he had to lay back down and go back to sleep. I hate when he does that. It's not even full moon either. He didn't do it Friday night or Saturday night. Here's where I found him yesterday morning.

I didn't do what I said I was going to do. I didn't do much crocheting at all this weekend. It was too nice to be inside. I puttered around outside all weekend. I bought another clematis to plant and this other plant, astillbe, I think that's misspelled. It's some kind of bulb with beautiful flowers. Both were already starting to sprout. I noticed yesterday that my patio peach is starting to bloom. The flowers are so pretty.

I made the sausage casserole that Bev posted on her blog the other day here. It was to die for. I ate a bunch of it after I made it (brunch) and then again for dinner. I will definitely make that again, and may add or change up a couple of things.
I need a new camera. I'm not happy at all with how most of my pics are turning out. :o(

I went out at work this morning to get the mail and found a pleasant surrounding of Bradford Pears bloomed out. I had to go get my camera because the blooms don't last long. Aren't they pretty? The almost look like snow.

I like this pic best:

I was hoping I could get some pics of some red bud trees. They are very pretty.

Hope your day was good.  I'm ready to get back to the hacienda. I'm grilling pork chops when I get there.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Critic's Review on Crochet Books

Happy Friday! It's rainy and a tad chilly here in GA at the present. They say it's going to clear this afternoon and be a nice weekend. I'm hoping so. 

The Bradford Pears aren't as bloomed as I thought they would be so I haven't gotten any pics of them. But I do have some stuff to show you.

With my income tax refund I was able to pay off 3 bills so I thought I would be kind to myself. I had ordered a bunch of thread, that I b*^%(ed about in a previous post because they smushed some rolls with their horrible packing skills. 

I also ordered 7 crochet books from Amazon. Or what I thought was 7 crochet books. It turns out that in my greedy haste to get them ordered and in my hot little hands I ordered one that is mostly knit except for 3 patterns. I was sooo bummed. But then I figured I can just give it to my older sister who does knit, for a birthday, anniversary or just anytime present.

I decided to do a review and I hope I don't get in trouble here showing you parts of the books. I tried not to show too much in the way of info in the books. But as a consumer and user of said books it can work to the publishers/writers advantage in a few of them. There is one I was so totally disappointed in. You'll see why.  So without further ado, here is what I spent my hard earned money on:
Lovely huh? I thought so too! So much crochet knowledge contained in these books.

This book was my disappointment. Yes it's filled with many motifs and blocks but you know what? See the cover how they are all light brown with the green, brown, blue and red backgrounds? THAT should have been my sign. The WHOLE book is like that!! You can't see much of the stitch detail in any of the pics of the patterns.  If I had known this book was like this I wouldn't have spent my money on it. Seriously.  I'm sorry, but it was just a blah book. I could have spent my money on one of the other books (or two) in my wish list on Amazon and been happier. Following is a couple of pages inside the book. The most expensive of all of my books - $17.29. 

Next up is my sister's future gift, the knit book. I guess I should have opened my eyes better and seen the knitting needles on the front of the book. But in my defense I did a search on crochet, not knit. Oh well, no biggy. There are three crochet patterns and I'll copy them before I send the book to my sister. It has some very lovely patterns in there, I just can't knit. I have 2 left hands when it comes to knitting.

Would you love to knit this shawl?? Amazon's got the book....just sayin.  :o)    $11.55

Next up is the Baskets and Bowls. I was a little disappointed in this one too. There's not much in it. Though I will probably crochet all of the patterns in the book, I expected more. Sorry......

Here is the contents of the book. $7.95......You be the judge.

This next one is one of my favorites of all 7 (there are 3 favs). What a classy, beautiful book in my opinion. I have so many pages marked it's not funny. I love this book. Well worth $ me anyways. I would describe this book as exquisite. I think this is my most favorite of all of them.

This is taken out of Crochet Master Class. Isn't that precious??
This book is ok. It was the cheapest one of the bunch. $6.07. At least the pics are in color.

I'll probably use quite a few patterns out of here.

This one is one of my favs too. It comes in at $14.32.
This cowl is pretty isn't it?

And last but not least is the Harmony Guides Stitch Motifs. This is my second Harmony Guides book and in my opinion it's well written, has great colors and is well worth the $15.61 I paid for it.
A page out of the Stitch Motifs:

Grand total for all of my books was $86.80. I got free shipping because I had over $25 worth of merchandise.  So all in all I didn't do too bad. I got a lot of knowledge and lots of patterns that I will be using in my crochet. 
See what happens when you're generous and kind to yourself? :o) I think I deserve it because I worked hard all year long to get that money back AND I paid 3 bills off. Not too shabby.

Here's hoping your weekend is one you can't hardly stand because it's just too cool (not as in cold cool but too fun/good cool)! My butt is going to be sitting on the porch enjoying the nice spring weather with my nose stuck in one of these books and hook and yarn/thread in my hands.  How did you know that??? LOL

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Give Up?? Education Of The Day

I didn't know what these things were for a long time. They are only visible in the winter when the leaves are gone.
Mistletoe. That's what they are. Weird huh? They're actually a parasitic plant that sprouts from bird poop. You can read about it here.  I don't know that I believe the bird poop statement. Wikipedia has been known to have some false statements from time to time.

Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells. Then why aren't we harvesting it in mass quanitities?? Just think how many people could benefit from just this one tree???

Mistletoe is also Oklahoma's state flower

Mistletoe has a couple of medicinal qualities and is verified on this site as 'coming into contact with the bark of a tree generally through the agency of birds'. In other words, bird poop. lol

Well......I got an education today. Did you? :o)

Ok, I'm off shortly to the post office. I ordered several crochet books to be delivered to work and they left a delivery notice yesterday in the mail box. So now I have to drive halfway across town to go get them. :o( But I'm excited! I think I ordered 6 books. Yesterday my order of #3 & #10 threads came. I was somewhat miffed because they (Herrschner's) packed the box so much that they squashed 4 rolls of my #3's flat!!! They couldn't use a slightly bigger box now could they?

I will take pics and post later on the books I ordered.  Unless I get busy, then I'll post them tomorrow.

I hope you have a day filled with smiles and good feelings.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tip Toe, Through The Tulips

Can't you just hear Tiny Tim singing that? Is he still living? Hmmmm.

Anyways....I had never seen these before nor heard of the tulip tree, bush, whatever you want to call it, before I moved to GA.  And to tell you the truth, yesterday afternoon on the way out to go home was the very first time I got up close and personal with them. They smell heavenly! I didn't know they had a smell. But they are gorgeous and they don't last that long before leaves come out. I'm surprised the pics turned out as good as they did because the wind was blowing. I stopped on the way back in from lunch just now to get a pic of the whole bush in bloom.

Also here we have these trees called Bradford Pear. They don't produce pears. But the blooms in the spring are very pretty. These are just now budding out. By Friday they should be totally budded out. I'll try to get a pic of them then.  They don't smell real good. My older sister thinks they smell like 'peepee diapers'. Yuk

And I don't know if I've posted pics of these before. But I wanted to get a couple of pics of them before the tree was full of leaves so that you could see. I got a far away shot and a closer up shot. Can you guess what the green things in the tree are? I won't say until my next post. I'm sure some of you know. I didn't know this either until I moved here. Moving to GA was definitely a learning experience all the way around.  :o)

And I had something scary happen to me last night. Little things 'come up missing'. You you put so & so here so that you won't forget and not lose it, then when you go to get it, it's not where you thought it was. Well, Monday I got a new charcoal grill because mine is falling apart. I also had bought some pork ribs and was going to grill them out when I got home yesterday afternoon from work.  I was going to do it Monday but it got too late to do it. So I get the grill going and go in the house and was going to get the ribs ready to put out there. I walked in the kitchen and they were gone. 'I knew I had taken them out of the fridge to get ready.'  So I stood there for a minute trying to remember what I did with them. I couldn't remember. So then I retraced my steps from the time I walked in the door from work. No ribs.  For 10 minutes I searched for where I had obviously laid them down. No where were they. Now I'm starting to look at Mr. Lick Lick because he's been following me from room to room and he's like......what??? I didn't touch them!!!  So I said to myself, well maybe I really didn't take them out of the fridge and I thought I did. So I looked in the fridge. Nope, no ribs.   Ok now...I'm starting to get upset over some stupid ribs. I could have sworn I took them out of the fridge and laid them down. Just for the hell of it I opened up the freezer, after was the last place that I hadn't looked for them. There were the damn ribs. Frozen.  It hit me just then that I had put them in there the day before when I realized it had gotten too late to grill them out and I wasn't sure when I would get to grill them.   Am I getting alzheimers? Is it dementia? Or am I just getting loony tune? I'm losing it. I'm only 54. I can't tell you how scared I was when I realized that I never took them out of the fridge. It was so real........seriously.   I now wonder if I need to start writing things down in a binder notebook that stays with my crochet stuff in my little corner. Like daily occurences like this, and where I put stuff that I don't want to lose because I know when I go to find it, it won't be where I thought I put it.  Kind of like a diary of how I'm slowly losing my mind and the progression of it. I'm a little scared now. Really. Because I swore yesterday that I took that meat out of the fridge and then laid it down to get the grill going.

I hope my pictures of spring springing puts a smile on your face.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Color Purple

Happy Tuesday ya'll!  No, the post isn't about the movie, it's about crocheted things purple. :o)

Sorry to say I wimped out on finishing the Rising Sun Doily correctly.  I'm kind of bummed about it but at the same time I'm glad to be done with it. The quads (quadruple crochet) did me in. I guess if I had finished it in #10 thread, instead of changing over to #8 DMC thread I maybe could have finished it correctly. I was not liking how the stitches were turning out. Between my hands and fingers hurting, and not being able to keep the tension right, the stitches are not uniform and pretty. They are wonky and homely.

So what I did was finish it with the 17th round made up of dc in the top of the quads, and 2ch between sets of dc and 4ch between the sets of 5 and sets of 3 dc. 

I know......3 more rounds!!! Well....really 4 if I had to do the 17th round correct. I'm usually not one to let something like this whoop me.  :o(  Things happen. sister won't know the difference and she'll love me for it.  I also had made this little purple (and other colors) flower in a flower pot. :o) At least that's what my daughter said when she saw it. I're right!  It actually started out as just a little amigurumi that I took from Mindy's page to link to the pattern (edited to add - I thought it was Mindy's pattern but it's not.....I apologize, there is a link on her page to the original maker of the pattern) . Only I didn't put any arms or legs on it. And I had made the flower previously from another pattern that I didn't want to continue with after I made the flower. I can't remember which one that was. So I made the flower the 'hat' and I crocheted a little pot for it to sit in.  And then I 'Mini Pearl'ized it with a little purple heart that matches the pot.  The yarn of the flower is Ninja Bernat Mosaic from this post. I love this yarn. The coloring in particular. For some reason I am partial to OD green, black and the purple that is in this yarn.  I need to go back to AC Moore and get some more of it.

I still love how the doily turned out even with it's MANY imperfections. :o)

Saturday I finally got all of my plants out of the house and back on the front porch. What a job that was. I had to clean off the front porch first because it was full of wind blown leaves from the fall to now. It took me most of the day to get it done. I have a piece of crap chair out there that I usually cover with an old sheet so that I can sit out there when it's nice. Well guess who thinks I did that just for him????  He disappeared Sunday and I went to look for him and I found him curled up and asleep in it.
Have a wonderful day. I hope the sun is shining down in your little part of the world.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hey ya'll!
I love Fridays! :o)

I was thinking yesterday, those shots I took of the ponds? I took a close look and realized all the GARBAGE in the pics! So on the way home yesterday I really noticed just how much garbage is on the sides of the roads. It's horrible. They need to get those prisoners out there to pick up trash. The weather is nice so there's no excuse not to do it.

I tried to take another driving pic, only slowed way down because no one was behind me. I can see a couple dots that are ducks, there weren't that many there yesterday. It's still not a good pic. This pic has no garbage in it though.
So after noticing all the garbage on the sides of the roads I thought I would take a couple of pics of garbage that people throw on my road. These pics are taken about a quarter mile down the road from me. I live in the country, and people that are not responsible take it upon themselves to just start their own dumps, on other peoples property. What do you see in these pics....other than the lovely pine trees and gas line cleared?

Wow......just down the road from my house is an outdoor motel and a drydock marina! Only thing is I've never seen anyone using either one.  Don't you know that this totally ticks me off. Where do they get off doing this crap? They're too damn lazy to take it to the dump so they just take a ride in the country and make their own. And I don't know about you but I don't throw my garbage out of my vehicle window. I guess I need to get down off the soapbox now because I can keep on going. I don't want to spoil your Friday!

I do want to show you something pretty. I was working on the Rising Sun Doily last night and realized that I should have changed over to the pink that I was originally going to do, about 1 round previously done. So I thought, well....I'll just make it all purple.  So I crocheted some more and realized, holy crap....I'm not going to have enough purple to finish this!!!

So I get up to get me another large cup of coffee and go on a little hunt into my closet, in my #10 thread container. I have green, red, blue, pastel. No more purple. Then...........wait..........what's this?? Ohhhhh, I forgot about this!! Last year in January I had ordered some DMC #8 Pearl threads. 3 different shades. Sometimes I'm a genious and I'm too dumb to realize it. But not genious enough because I should have ripped out the previous two rounds and was like, nope, no way. It'll have to do.

As usual, these pics do not do the colors justice. The #209 DMC is so shimmery. It's very pretty. But I'm kind of confused, because it says it's #8 thread but it's smaller than my #10 purple. What's up with that? Is there not a standard when it comes to that or does each company just do their own thing? I can't wait until it's done. I was going to incorporate all three colors on it but if I have enough of this 209 I won't. If I get close to the end and I see that I don't have enough to finish then I'll do the last two rounds in one of the others. But check it out:

Whatya think? I think my sister is going to love it no matter what, for two reasons. The first is that it's from me and the second is that it's purple. That's all that matters right? :o)

Much love to you all! I hope you have an outstanding weekend and don't let anyone ruin it for you!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well....with the giraffe coaster and Glor's December doily of the month. I've already packaged up and shipped the giraffe coaster to my friend, Paulette, for her birthday.  I'm not sure where Glor's doily will end up.

The lighting on the burgundy and pink December doily didn't turn out very well. But that lighter color is pink. I used #10 burgundy and #10 pink and a #4 hook. I finished it up last night and still had time to work on the Rising Sun doily. Which I might add that I think will go rather quick now. I'm on round 11. I'll work on it every night and this weekend until it's done.

The giraffe coaster was done in #10 blue and #10 pink with a #6 hook. So without further ado.......

I blocked the giraffe coaster but not the doily. I rather like the doily not blocked I think. The giraffe coaster I had to because all of the heads were twisted because of the stitches on the heads. Like I told you before, I had started on this coaster a long time ago because I liked the look of it and it was challenging. But after I got the first two giraffes done I put it down. I'm so glad it's done. Nothing like getting a wip done that you've had laying around for awhile. :o)

Yesterday on the way home from work I tried to get some pics of the pond I told you about......only I didn't stop, I tried to take them while driving. I don't recommend doing that, but I've done it before successfully. These didn't turn out the best. I may stop this afternoon and get a couple. I hope there are ducks and geese there. I didn't see any yesterday because I was too busy trying to drive and get pics at the same time. I think the person behind me was a little perturbed because I slowed down a bit. See how dang close they are?? And we were doing over the speed limit too!

The first one is actually where the break between the two ponds is but it's hard to see because of moving. The second one is the second pond.
I hope your Friday eve is everything you want it to be. It's supposed to get up to 72 today here. Hang in there my northern blogettes......spring is on it's way. Before you know it it'll be hot as the dickens!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day Already!

I can't believe sometimes how time flies. I haven't posted since last week, I've been so busy, and trying to get over this sickness that is going around. I'm still not over it but I'm much better.

The weather is trying to get nicer. We've had little teases of spring here in GA. Monday it was gorgeous and warm. Yesterday the cold wind was back. They're saying that after tomorrow it will be in the 70's for a few days. Finally!!  I have noticed the last few days little snippets of spring popping up and out. There are some trees that are budding and I saw a yard with either crocus or daffodil bloomed out. (I'm bad about distinguishing the two - I guess if I had some I'd know huh?)

On the way home from work yesterday I saw some ducks and geese in a large pond/small lake that I pass by every day. I watch that pond/lake for those signs. Every fall they frequent it going south and opposite in the spring. It's actually 2 ponds/lakes that are joined together with some little islands of trees and bushes at the join. It's hard to describe, I should stop one day to take some pics to show you. I also saw some large woodpeckers with the large red thing on their heads. What is that called anyways?? They were very big woodpeckers. They weren't the American, with the red, white and black large bands. Their body was dark but they had that very red top notch (is that what it's called?) on the top of the head. I was walking to get the mail for work and the sun's rays showed through the one's red thing and it was gorgeous. There was a pair of them and one was larger than the other so I'm assuming it was a male and female.

This is a pic of the moon when I was at the end of my driveway yesterday afternoon. I stopped on the way to the house when I got the mail and saw the moon and decided to get a pic of it. Isn't the blue in the pic beautiful? And no, that's not snow across the street in front of the pines. That is actually sand. The road is a brown sand, though it gets lighter in the summertime, and that in front of the pines is a white sugar sand. But anytime I see the moon I try to get a pic of it. I can never get a good close shot, so to speak, maybe because I don't have a big girl camera, only a little digital.

On my hooks currently is a couple of doilies. I'm still not through with the Rising Sun Doily but it will be done soon because my sister's birthday is the 28th and I want to finish it to send to her. She loves purple as I do. I started another one of Glor's doilies, I think it's the December doily of the month, and I am on the last round of it. It's made of #10 burgundy and about 4 rounds of #10 pink. I also started a pillow angel that the pattern was in one of the crochet emails I get in my personal email in box. That will most likely be for a friend of mine who's birthday is in June. I'm not sure what the pillow will look like yet, but I started her in #10 pink.

I was going to block my giraffe coaster last night but instead skyped with the grand babies. That's slated for tonight because I have to get it off in the mail Friday for my friend's birthday on the 22nd.

Skull roses you say? Well....yea. The rose was the only thing I could find to put my skull on to show it. It's part of my desk crochet eye candy. :o) Yea, I know, I'm weird. But isn't he soooo cute??? lol

Happy Hump Day! Hope yours is full of life and warmth!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted anything. I have been slammed at work these last two days. And I need to take pics of Baggy Cat (which all parts are made, just need to put her together). And over the weekend I finished one of my wip's.

I don't recall if I told  you about it or not and don't really have the time presently to go looking through my posts but there is a 'piece', not sure that I should call it a doily because it's not really, but it's got 12 giraffes on the outside of it. Look here. It's called a coaster. It's actually a little bit bigger than a coaster.

I started this a long time ago with #10 blue & #10 pink and a #6 hook. When I put it down I had two giraffes done. I finally finished it for a birthday present. I need to block it before I take a pic of it because the giraffes heads are all wonky and won't stay flat. I'm pretty proud that I finally finished it. And I love the colors I did it in. I wouldn't mind doing another one in #3 thread so that it turns out bigger (with a bigger hook of course). I did screw up somewhere though and don't you know that makes me so mad at myself. I tried to figure out where and couldn't find it but I'm betting my joins are the culprit, as with the Rising Sun doily. On the giraffe coaster, when I got done with the very last giraffe I had two stitch spaces left between the first and last one. There aren't supposed to be any.  I have to tell you that after all that work I was not going to frog it either.

This pattern is not for a beginner. It's a little daunting with the slip stitches on top of the head for the nubs and ear.  This pattern actually intimidated me at first with the giraffes but I didn't let it whip me. And when I picked it back up and could actually read through the pattern and figure out where I was at, it was a testament to my intermediate capabilities as a crocheter. That put a smile on my face. :o)

This week at night I have been attempting one of these in #10 burgundy with a #7 hook.  I had the hardest time with reading the directions, and still not sure that the bottom is right. I know for a fact that the last round on the bottom (saucer) piece is not according to her directions. I just went with my own version. The top is going to be different too. Though I'm having a hard time with that also. :o( Somewhere in my pattern travels I came across some vintage crocheted cups and they were absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could find them again. If any of you come across some please let me know, I'd love to try my hand at them.

Speaking of hand...I don't have any crochet pics for the post but I can't just post without any pics...this is a pic of one shelf in my curio. I love wood, anything wood. Check that hand out. Isn't it just gorgeous?? Besides crocheting I also do different kinds of wood working. Not as much as I used to but I still love to get out in the shed and make stuff.

This is my top shelf in my curio. (I actually need a couple more curios). The little silver canister with the crocheted mexican hat is my best friend Jeff, or at least part of him. He was Leo's (Mr. Lick Lick) human daddy before he passed away. He never wore a hat like that but one day I was just messing around and this little hat appeared out of my yarn and hook so I put it on Jeff. (I know, I'm weird)  I have my dad up there with Jeff now in a bigger urn and I actually tried to crochet him a ball cap, as he always wore ball caps, and the one I made was way too small for the top of the urn that he's in. I need to make a better one for day soon.

Ok, I've jawed enough. I have a dr. appt at 12:15. There are people in my office who insist on coming to work sick and I have a horrible sore throat that just popped up yesterday afternoon and it's one of those sick sore throats with the yukky taste in the back of your throat. We'll see what kind of sickness I have. I want to nip it in the bud. epidural worked good. I am feeling mucho better. Some pain, not near what I had before. I hope it lasts for a while.  While the procedure wasn't too too bad, the injection of stuff in my back made my leg feel like it was in a vice. That was the only bad part. But that meant that they got the steroids right where they needed to be.

I hope your hump day is nothing but love, laughter and everything good. Life is good.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankfully It's Thursday

Good morning!  Today is my Friday. With the other stuff behind me I can go get my epidural tomorrow so I will not be around for the next few days. I've taken the day off tomorrow and one of my Bomber Girl sisters is going to take me to get it and bring me home. (They won't let me drive myself home after)  I haven't had one before so I'm not sure what to expect but it seems the concensus is that it's not too bad a procedure. I'm hoping for relief from the pain in my lower back. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday it cleared up here and got up to 70!!! I had my window open in the car on the way home and opened up the front and back door at the house.  It's a rainy day in GA today and the rain is supposed to be here until Saturday afternoon and then clear and be cold again. The temp will stay in the 40's today. I know I have no right to bitch because at least we are not in the midst of that horrible winter storm roaring through the midwest and north. This is why I live in the south, but I'm sure you share my sentiment of 'when is it going to be spring already???'  So with my epidural and yukky weather for the next couple of days guess where my big butt will be??? On da couch, sharing it with Mr. Lick Lick. We will no doubt be sharing a blanky being all comfy cozy. He loves it when his mama is hanging out with him.

So I thought I'd better get some pics of this bag kitty I've been talking about. I even took a pic of the pattern. And I was was featured in Crochet World magazine but in the year 2000. The pattern is called 'Baggy Cat' by Lauri Grammer. You can find it here on Ravelry or go to The size of the cat is supposed to be 23 inches. I guess I neglected to notice that originally. But when I realized that I didn't have enough of one color to do the skirt I decided to bust my stash of cotton yarn.

I've kind of gotten away from the thick cotton for a little while. I actually prefer the thinner cotton of the Village Yarn. It seems the thicker is harder to work with. Maybe it's just me. But I want you to check this CRAP out. Look at the next pic. Tell me what you see.
UH HUH...I was somewhat miffed when I found this. There are 3 loose ends, with two more that are tied together!!!! WTH is that all about? So if I have at least 5 ends there is probably another one lurking in the midst of the ball right?  It's a good thing that I am an intermediate crocheter and can deal with this kind of dilemma. I mean....I know doodoo happens right? Well in these cases why don't they just make a larger ball or smaller ball to compensate for the screw up and then offer some kind of deal where they let you know that there may be more ends in the ball and sell them for cheaper, or in bulk of 5 balls or whatever. Ya know??? Or is it common practice to have at least one knot per ball hidden away inside??? I swear, just about every ball I get has a knot in there. Sometimes it's very inconvenient too because you're crocheting away and all of a sudden there is a knot, that is going to show because you can't hide it, it crochets on the front of your piece. I get really disgusted when that happens. :o( Then you have to cut it out and compensate for it.

Ok, so on to the cat bag. Yea, the colors.....(had to recollect my train of thought after the sidetrack!) I will have 7 different balls of color, not all full balls but enough to get Ms. Catty done. I have everything I need except the heart shaped button for her nose.  Here's what I have done so far:

The two grey pieces in the last pic are the head. The grey will also be her paws and ears. I haven't gotten that far yet.

I hate how these pics turned out. The light here is not the best. 

The purple that I showed you with the different ends is going to be her apron. I saved some of the blue at the top for her arms. The two multi-colors were full balls, the next light blue was a partial ball and the last two toned purple was a partial ball.

She's getting there. I may have her finished this weekend, we'll see how it goes.

From me and Leo to ya'll - have a fantastic weekend and try to stay comfy cozy in the midst of this crazy weather we are having!