Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Good morning!!
I realized when I left out of the driveway this morning that today is Mr. Lick Lick's birthday!! He is 12 today. And the only reason I realized it is because the full moon was shining as I left for work at o'dark thirty, and I knew the date of the full moon because I watch a lot of the weather channel.

So then I felt bad because I didn't wish Mr. Lick Lick happy birthday before I left him for the day. Of course he doesn't know it's his birthday but still. I think I should go to the store at lunch time and get him something special for his birthday, like a big chewy or something. :o) Happy Birthday to Leo, my pelo pelo. (I call him this and he actually comes to it!)

So today is Tuesday! Is it Friday yet??? I have been working since the age of 16...so long ago. I am tired of getting up to go to work. I want to stay home all day and hook or mess around in the yard. I was also dreaming this morning of winning Powerball and opening up a yarn shop....a very large yarn shop....with a large place designated inside for sitting and hooking, and also a tea & coffee/muffin & biscuit shop in the very front of it. That would be so cool. I so wish I could afford to do that. I wouldn't mind getting up and going to work then.....I could go to work and hook when I didn't have customers. I could sit and have my coffee when I wanted. I would be surrounded by so much fiber, beautiful fiber. And there would most likely be a lot of women that would come and sit and hook for a while just for the fun and companionship of it and I might learn a thing or two!!! :o) I might even learn to knit! And crochet heels! LOL. What a wonderful dream huh? Do I HAVE to wake up from this dream??? ughhhhhh

Ok well I best get on outa here now. I have REAL work to do. :o(

Have a wonderful day where ever you may be!

K xoxoxo

ps/my plummy hat......whatya think???

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mundane Monday

The dreaded Monday.....I hate them all. Especially when I wake up and my body is hurting so bad, I just want to stay in bed! And it was raining/storming this morning when I got up. All the more reason to stay in bed. Except that I have a job. Yuk. But I can't complain at all. At least I am lucky enough to have a job right now, the way the world is.

So anyways, I didn't do much yesterday. I did manage to fix my hose, though it took me a few times but I mostly licked it. Except that I saw later in the day that it was still leaking, but not near what it was after I fixed it the first time. And then I buried the hose underneath the gate so that I wouldn't drive over it anymore and mess it up. And I wondered while I was doing that, why did I not do this years ago??? DUH....... lol. But I'm glad now that it's done. Mr. Lick Lick was getting in trouble while I was busy doing this. He was in the shed being his nosy little self, sniffing everything he could get his nose to. I was in the shed one time and he was up on something underneath my bench and almost hurt himself and made stuff come crashing down. I told him to GET OUT! Well Mr. Lick Lick does not listen, at least not when your back is turned. He went straight away back to the same place, to do more sniffing that he didn't get to do earlier and crash...again. Oh I was mad at him. I was more worried that he was going to get hurt, than to hurt anything in there. Plus I was worried that maybe a snake (rattlesnake or copperhead)was hiding in there somewhere amongst the stuff and would get him. I can't lose him now, not so close after putting Pee down. I couldn't stand it!!

I did get my laundry done and I managed to do a lot of hookin!! I finished up a WIP for a co-worker in FL and it looked great! That's it up top there. It's a table runner and coasters or whatever she wants to do with them. I had started it out as a bag made of granny squares....those particular squares. I had it mostly together and just did not like the way it looked so I took it apart and made this. I hope she likes it!

I also made an amigurumi strawberry, a parasol from pastel #10 thread(which I neglected to take a pic of) that I was so delighted with, a bookmark for one of my grand nieces that is coming south in a few weeks and I started on a granny square doily for my older sister who will be with my niece and grand nieces(3) all coming south. I am making all of the grand nieces bookmarks and my sister and niece doilies. I will take pics when I am done. And I'd also like to get some starch to stiffen my parasol.

I also decided to stop the WIP I had started for my youngest sister. I so did not want to work on that piece anymore and put it up to do something else with later. I think I'm going to start a new afghan for her in the same colors but in the ripple sense. I have not done ripple before so I started a swatch to see how well and quick it goes. I like it! I can't wait to get that project started.

Well I best quit for now. Have a wonderful day, where you may be.

K xoxox

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slow Sunday

Good morning!
Well the wedding was nice but it was cold!!! The sun that was supposed to shine did not show until well after the wedding was over. Dang it. Matt said Sandra probably didn't notice the cold because she was on cloud 9. How sweet. He is so in love with her. I wish them all the best for a long happy life together.

So...after the wedding I came home, let Mr. Lick Lick out and changed my clothes. I then put Mr. Lick Lick back in the cage, and boy he was not happy, and headed out to the swap meet. I met up with 3 of my BG sisters. It was fun. Cin let me ride her bike in the slow race. I tried to use T's bike but it was too light of a bike and just didn't feel right. Cin's bike is about the same weight and bulk as mine so it felt more comfortable. I won the first round but lost the second. Oh well...it was all in fun. I wish I had taken my bike but I did not. I need to get out in my driveway and smooth it out. I have ginormous ruts from all the rain we got this winter. More rain forecasted for today. Anyways...I had a good time with good friends and that's what it's all about. I could forget about my problems for awhile and just be me with my sistah's. I desperately needed that.

Well, I guess I best get up from here and do something. Have a wonderful Sunday...Monday is not far away.

K xoxoxox

The above pic is one of my tats, located on my right upper leg on the side. Freedom is not free for any of us. Those who protect us pay a price in one way or another.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smiling Saturday

Good morning! Mr. Lick Lick woke me up early this morning so I have already had my coffee and contemplating what it is I should wear to the wedding. I do not have very many dressy clothes so I guess the decision shouldn't be too hard, but it's been so very long since I have dressed up for something such as this so I can't remember what I have to wear! And truth be told, I probably cannot fit in what I have because since I quit smoking last Father's Day, I have gained so much weight. This I hate.

Well...sitting here is not getting done what I need to get done this morning. Have a wonderful day! I may be back later to let you know how it went.

K xoxoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

mmm mmm mmm

I'm baaaack. What a goofball I am! LOL. I was just reading some of my own posts and noticed that I tend to repeat myself! I dislike that! I've got to stop it!

Word of the day - obfuscated - sounds kinda obscene doesn't it? ob-few-skated is how it's pronounced. It means confused, bewildered, or stupefied, to make unclear or to darken.

That would be me sometimes. :o) I read that and was like what? I always go to dictionary.com when I read a word and I don't know what it is. So anyways...we learned something today didn't we? Cool.


ps/the pic is a tulip tree in bloom at work. me thinks it needs some fertilizer but pretty just the same.

Filet Friday

Wow....am I glad it's the end of the week! My title is Filet Friday....that's because I feel like I have been fileted!! So many body hurts this morning....I won't bore you with all the details.
BUT.....I am just so thrilled. I have pics. There is only one that I can't put up and that is the finished project of my plummy hat that I told you about yesterday. I went home and finished it! I couldn't stand it. I'm kinda bummed because it was supposed to have a roll brim on it but it didn't turn out that way. I know where I went wrong and instead of ripping it out, like I should have done, I just kept going. But ya know what? I've been thinking that I may add to the brim with a different color to compliment the plum color. I don't know...I'll have to ponder that a while. Mayhap I will mess with it on Sunday. Who knows. So...I need to get these pics up and get busy. Do you like my envelope tie? I was giddy with pleasure at having made this. Have you seen any before that anyone else has made?
I added in a pic of the Bradford Pear trees at work. Aren't they just gorgeous?? When they are in bloom like this I think they look like they are filled with snow, light fluffy snow. (For those who don't know these trees, they are not really pear trees. They don't bear fruit. Why they call them Pear I don't know. The blooms stink - my sister likens them to pp baby diapers) They don't look like this now, they are getting their leaves. The red tips are gorgeous right now and some azaleas are starting to bloom. I have only seen one dogwood blooming... and I find that odd. Most of the tulip trees are losing their blooms.
If I can't get back with you, have a wonderful weekend! It's a gorgeous warmy day in S. Georgia and it's supposed to be really nice for the wedding tomorrow and then rain (boo, hiss) forecasted for Sunday. I am sooooo tired of rain.

K xoxoxox

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My babies

I was thinking that although I introduced you to Mr. Lick Lick, that maybe I should show you where he came from. And that would be my precious babies that I had from the time they were babies to the ages of 10 and almost 14 respectively - Misty & PeeWee. Misty is on the left, Pee on the right.

Misty was such a sweet little girl that everyone loved. She played and occupied herself, loved chasing squirrels and lizards and was the joy of my life. She made me laugh so much. When she got cancer in her left rear leg I had it amputated because I couldn't bear the thought of putting her down. She was 8 then. A year and a half later she got it in her left front leg and I had no choice. That killed me......and Pee. He was her husband and they had been together since she was a baby. I had him first.

He was a little bull in a china shop. My little man was a demanding little cuss that would play games on me when we moved to Georgia. He'd come to the door and want in and when I would get up to let him in he would run off the porch! Such a trickster he was. And he was very stubborn, especially in his old age. He was definitely a creature of habit and you didn't violate 'PeeWee time'. LOL

Oh how I miss him, I miss them both. But his departure is so recent that I cannot bring myself to finish his grave out there. It's killing me. I can't even think about it without tears rolling. It's just too raw for me to deal with yet.

I thought it would bother Leo badly and that I would go through another bad time with him, like I did with Pee when I put Misty down. Oh Pee made my life hell for the first 3 or 4 months after I put her down. Who could blame him...after all....after 10 years of marriage his wife was all of a sudden gone and he had no idea where, why or if she was ever coming back. You certainly can't explain it to him......well, I tried, but he couldn't understand. But back to Leo, he hasn't taken it near as hard as I have, for you see, he was with Jeff all those years by himself and he was used to the one on one and so when Pee was gone it was weird for a couple of days....where'd he go, I know he was just here....I still smell him...but he's not in his usual spot on the couch...darndest thing......oh well.......I have her to myself now!!!

And the little booger loves me like no tomorrow and I love him too, but my Pee was with me for almost 14 years, was here every day when I got home, loved me no matter what, slept with me and kept me warmy on the cold winter nights. I miss him so much.

This pic is the essence of both of them. She was looking for anything that could move, and he was looking dead at the photographer wondering what he was up to and was he going to let him out so that he could greet him in a right proper fashion.
Mr. Lick Lick is the son of Miss Lick Lick. LOL...she had him beat by a mile. But it's so funny to see how much he takes after his mama. He has a lot of his daddie's traits in him but he's almost cut from her cloth. It's almost like I have my girly back.
Anyways...I just thought you might like to see my babes. My fur babes. May they be together again at Rainbow Bridge and waiting on me and Leo to show up.
Nighty night.....sleep tight.....

Tempting Thursday

Oh, it's almost time for playing hooky! Crocheting that is. :o)

I finished the placemats and I even made ties to go on them! I don't have time to post the pics now, I'll have to do it tomorrow. Plus my camera batteries are not good enough to download the pics but I think you'll like them. I love them! I would love to get something like this for a wedding present! I also had a little bit of yarn left to make this thingy, don't know what you would call it but it's a tie with a flower at the end of it and it ties up the envelope instead of licking the licky yuck! (I don't even think Mr. Lick Lick would like it.....matter of fact I know he wouldn't!) I was so pleased with myself! And I haven't seen another one like it, not to say there isn't one, but I have been scouring the net for patterns and haven't seen anything close to it. I can't wait to get the pics posted for you!

I need to post a pic of Mr. Lick Lick don't I? Oh...let me look right now for one. There's my Mr. Lick Lick! His real name is Leo, named after Leon Russell but with the n left off, obviously. Leo was my dogs, PeeWee and Misty, son. I had to put down Misty in 07 because of cancer and I just recently (three weeks ago) put down Pee. I am still in mourning over him......I miss him terribly. But anyways....Leo is going to be 12, oh Lord...next Tuesday! Leo belonged to my best friend, Jeff, who passed away at the early age of 46 in September of 08, and I inherited Leo. He was the only pup of my P&M that I got to see grow up and knew his whole life. And now he is mine again. I don't know what I would do without my little lick lick now that Pee is gone. I so don't want to think about when Leo has to leave me, so I'm not going to.
Anyways...Mr. Lick Lick lays next to me when I'm hookin. He interrupts me when I'm hookin. He steps on my yarn when I'm hookin. But I still love him.
So...now that my wedding project is done I started working again on my plum hat that used to be two slippers. I was so bummed. The day I put Pee down I started a pair of slippers, just for me! I followed this great pattern and actually had them both finished that day (I hooked with a vengence that day) except for the heels (have I told you that I HATE heels and I cannot hook them?) and I tried them on and they both did not fit! Even though I had every so often tried them on as I went and they did fit!! What's up with that??? So I pulled them apart and left the yarn for a few days. I started a hat after and I've picked it up a few times and put it back down. But now I think I will be finishing it in the next day or so. I can't wait. The first thing I have hooked for myself! (I'll probably end up giving it away.....)
So.......where ever you are I hope it's all good. C U soon! K xoxox
ps/that's my bike next to Leo..... :o) just in case you were wondering.

Telescopic Tuesday

Hey ya'll! Well, this is the start of my newest (I've changed it several times) blog - hence the subject Telescopic Tuesday....you'll have to come back for a visit to see further down the pike! I know...that's kind of a stupid humor but that's me. Like me or leave me....lol.

Anyways....so let me introduce myself.....I am Kat....I live in the great state of GA, close to Savannah but not in Savannah, with my last fur baby, Leo, kindly referred to as Mr. Lick Lick. I am a 50 something grandmother of two darling girls in FL - I ride a Road King Harley Davidson - I love woodworking and woodburning, and I have just gotten back into crochet with a vengence. I taught myself to crochet in the last ten years, put it down, then picked it back up and haven't quit. I crochet on a daily basis, whether it's a little or a lot. Depends on what I'm working on and the time constraints on it.
Like right now I am finishing up some placemats (along with hotpads, dish clothes, scrubby) for a friend who is getting married Saturday. I will post pics when I finish them up in the next day or two. The little stuff is done, I'm just finishing the border on the placemats. 2 of 4 are totally done, I have one side of the 3rd to go and the whole border of the 4th. I used 4 different ombre colors of the Peaches and Creme - some kind of green, strawberry creme, sunburst & sherbet. I crocheted them with an F hook and the stitch was a 'crossed double' crochet. I used a pattern I found online (I'll have to do the credit later because at the moment I can't remember whose it was). The border is not the border that was in the pattern, because with using a different hook the guage was not according to pattern. The reason being that the pattern called for '2 balls' of a different brand and I didn't know if I would have enough of the Peaches and Creme for the stated size (bigger than mine turned out) so I went with the next smaller hook to make sure that I would have enough yarn. Turned out I did have enough and had a little of each color left over so I made dishclothes of white with a stripe of the leftover color.
I do that a lot.....I'll take a pattern that I love and I think that's do-able, and either change the hook size or yarn or thread and what ever other changes I fancy. I don't think I've ever completed anything according to pattern specs. Mostly because I've printed out a lot of patterns, start them and then got through to some point where there is a mistake or something missing and I get frustrated and stop and either try to figure it out or completely pull it apart......mad that I can't do it. My header pic above is a combination of two patterns (and can someone tell me how in the world to make it smaller?? It's soooo big!!) . You see.....I lied in the previous paragraph and just now realized it!! The hotpad pattern is the one on the back of the Peaches and Creme band around the yarn...verbatim. But now, the motorcycle wheel is my own pattern....or at least in my mind it is because I sat there and did it myself without a printed pattern. If someone else has done this exactly as mine and written a pattern I apologize but had no prior knowledge. I did, however, write it down but don't have it handy at this moment in time. I will post it later. See the pic above? I made these both (no pattern - sorry) for a friend of mine, Paulette, for her birthday. The purply thing is a bookmark with a flower at the top. The doily I call a RedPin Doily.....because it's red & pink. :o) The doily I had started as a snood and decided one day I wanted to make a doily out of it. I like the red and pink combination together.
So anyways......hope you have a wonderful day! Mr. Lick Lick says RUFFRUFF ......K

edited to add - the placemat pattern is Coats & Clark pattern designed by Marilyn Coleman.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Good morning!
I am not very regular with this blogging thing, mostly because of life getting in the way. I came on because somewhere I had mentioned (and thought it was in my blog, but it could have been on ravelry) (yea, I'm a ding dong and can't remember) about some slippers I made for my youngest sister for her birthday and I couldn't remember where I had found the pattern or whose pattern it was. Well I found it again! It was Priscilla's pattern. You can find her wonderful patterns at priscillascrochet.net. She has lovely work! I just found her again and more of her patterns that I printed out and can't wait to try. She is so talented, I love her work!

I have been busy making placemats for a 'stalker' who is getting married next weekend. I'm quickly running out of time, but gladly I only have half of one to finish and then the border on all 4. (Stalker = one of our close supporters). I will take some pics of the finished project and post later.

So I have a gargantuan amount of free crochet patterns that I have printed out from the web. I need to categorize them so that every time I need one I don't have to go through them all. There are some that I started and couldn't finish because either the pattern didn't make sense at some point or it was wrong. I hate when that happens. I've had to pull apart a bunch of started projects. One was a pattern for some quick slippers for myself. I made them with Vanna yarn, a real pretty dark fuschia I guess you could call it, and had to pull them apart because they didn't fit..they were very tight at the ankles. That totally bummed me out because I was making them for myself for instant gratification. Sadly I got neither. I used the yarn for a hat that I am in the process of making myself. (I never make myself anything...I'm always too busy making for others!) Seems like lately I don't even have time for myself....

Which brings me to.......how in the hell do you make sock heels? (I know...that didn't make sense huh?) I printed out every pattern I could and they were mostly the same when it came to the heels. I cannot do sock heels. I want so badly to make my own socks......cool socks....with my own two hands. And make my friends socks! And my grandbabies! I'm really bummed that this has kicked my butt. I'm a horrible sock maker. If anyone has any suggestions that will help me master this, I would be so friggin happy I wouldn't be able to stand myself. Some things come easy to some people. I find I always have to work at whatever it is that I'm doing until I get the hang of it. Any help that anyone wants to give me would be GREATLY appreciated. (If anyone is reading this, or has read it.......I'm not really sure that anyone has seen this blog yet.)

Anyways......here's to another week quickly gone. Where does the time go.........

Happy Friday to ya!!