Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm in awe!

December 14, 2009

I am in total awe! I never thought I'd be doing this.......blogging. I don't know how good I'm going to be at this but here goes.

I am a Crochetin' Motorcycle Granny! The name pretty much says it. I ride a motorcycle (HD RoadKing), am a grandmother of two darling little girls, Kylie and Bella, and I love to crochet. I started out late in life teaching myself and now am kicking myself that I didn't start a long time ago! My older sister has been the crafter in the family with her knitting, crocheting, sewing, needlepoint and all that fabulous stuff for years!

I am an in betweener. I'm not a beginner but I'm not experienced. I have so many printed out patterns that I had to get a box to keep them all in. My next thing is getting them organized by pattern type (blankets, flowers, dishclothes, etc.). I have seen some awesome patterns that are just gorgeous!

So anyways...I will look to be posting my creations whether from someone else's existing pattern or my own creations (shudder). :o) (I think I do better following patterns than making my own stuff up but we'll see how the creative juices flow!)

Have a wonderful day and keep the shiny side up, rubber side down! xoxo

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