Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's up with that???

Good morning,
So....I have this wedding coming up in March and I am working on dishcloths, potholders and such for the bride and groom. I found a set pattern that all of the pieces are hearts. Why do my heart lobes not look like the lobes in the pics??? I follow the directions exactly and they don't turn out like the pics. What am I doing wrong? I bang my head trying to figure out what I've done wrong to create flat lobes on the top of the heart. It's almost like a row on both are missing. Just my honest opinion, but hey, what do I know?? I'm relatively new to hooking, so to speak. I can do easy stuff, but I am willing to and do try harder patterns. Even though I taught myself way before, I got discouraged and put it down for a long time. I started making this scarf and it was getting really long. Wellllll.....it wasn't straight on the sides. I figured out why when I picked crochet back up but it's too late to finish it. I have torn a lot of it apart and made some granny squares that I have put away. I need to finish tearing it apart and make a ball and finish the granny's so I can put them together. But hey...I'll get to it when the fancy strikes me.

I just get so discouraged when I see a pattern I love, I follow it to the teeeeee, and the end result does not look like the pic. What's up with that???

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