Thursday, February 28, 2019

Well, well, well


Long time no see. :) Life. What can I say? I noticed it's happened to a lot of bloggers. I still read some blogs at work when I have time. Like 3rd shift.

I am still working my very stressful job, still working swing shift. Minus one co-worker since the beginning of December. Which has made it even more hard because now the rest of us have to divvy up his work and our shifts are different. And even harder when one of us has a week of vacation because that puts us at 12 hour shifts all week. Money's good......BUT. At 62 it kicks my butt. BUT...on the horizon (hopefully.....all toes and fingers crossed) they have posted the job for the 3rd time (post all in itself) and one of the ladies from the other mill up the street is applying for it!!! YIPEEEEEEE! I am so happy. I want to get back to regular shifts so bad. I am only here for 2 more years and I am retiring. Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise and sweep me away.

So, enough about work. I saw my list on my last post and I'd like to go through it and see what I did and didn't do.   

) To try to stash at least $300 a month, all year  (this didn't happen)
2) To try to eat better and less (this did happen. A result of it is #3)
3) To be active and try to lose some of this fat off of my body(proud to say I lost 30 pounds!)
4) To replace all of my windows and my floors(nope.....dang it)
5) To try to get back into my crafts (crochet, sewing and woodworking) and make all of my birthday and Christmas presents(YES! I have and will continue)
6) To ride my bike (motorcycle) more, at least once a week, even if it's to the store and back Nope :(
7) To try to get out of the house more and not be such a hermit  nope....I have gotten worse
8) To be more patient (this has been so hard the last 5 years, and I don't know why) I've tried, Lord knows I have. 

So......some good, some not good. Oh well. We all are a work in progress until the end aren't we? I am anyways.



verb (used without object), ru·mi·nat·ed, ru·mi·nat·ing.

to chew the cud, as a ruminant.
to meditate or muse; ponder.

verb (used with object), ru·mi·nat·ed, ru·mi·nat·ing.

to chew again or over and over.
to meditate on; ponder.

And just the other night, I learned something about myself. Well, I already knew it. Just didn't know what it was called. Rumination. I ruminate. Thereby adding more stress to the stress I already have at work. Only I take it to the extreme, about situations that happen in my life that bother me. But I read an article on how to stop it when it happens.

So anyways......I will post this. Whether anyone reads it is another thing. I am alive and well (for the most part) and just trying to make through each day like everyone else. I hope to be back soon but you know how that goes. I hope everyone is doing good.



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