Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Good morning!
I am not very regular with this blogging thing, mostly because of life getting in the way. I came on because somewhere I had mentioned (and thought it was in my blog, but it could have been on ravelry) (yea, I'm a ding dong and can't remember) about some slippers I made for my youngest sister for her birthday and I couldn't remember where I had found the pattern or whose pattern it was. Well I found it again! It was Priscilla's pattern. You can find her wonderful patterns at She has lovely work! I just found her again and more of her patterns that I printed out and can't wait to try. She is so talented, I love her work!

I have been busy making placemats for a 'stalker' who is getting married next weekend. I'm quickly running out of time, but gladly I only have half of one to finish and then the border on all 4. (Stalker = one of our close supporters). I will take some pics of the finished project and post later.

So I have a gargantuan amount of free crochet patterns that I have printed out from the web. I need to categorize them so that every time I need one I don't have to go through them all. There are some that I started and couldn't finish because either the pattern didn't make sense at some point or it was wrong. I hate when that happens. I've had to pull apart a bunch of started projects. One was a pattern for some quick slippers for myself. I made them with Vanna yarn, a real pretty dark fuschia I guess you could call it, and had to pull them apart because they didn't fit..they were very tight at the ankles. That totally bummed me out because I was making them for myself for instant gratification. Sadly I got neither. I used the yarn for a hat that I am in the process of making myself. (I never make myself anything...I'm always too busy making for others!) Seems like lately I don't even have time for myself....

Which brings me in the hell do you make sock heels? (I know...that didn't make sense huh?) I printed out every pattern I could and they were mostly the same when it came to the heels. I cannot do sock heels. I want so badly to make my own socks....with my own two hands. And make my friends socks! And my grandbabies! I'm really bummed that this has kicked my butt. I'm a horrible sock maker. If anyone has any suggestions that will help me master this, I would be so friggin happy I wouldn't be able to stand myself. Some things come easy to some people. I find I always have to work at whatever it is that I'm doing until I get the hang of it. Any help that anyone wants to give me would be GREATLY appreciated. (If anyone is reading this, or has read it.......I'm not really sure that anyone has seen this blog yet.)'s to another week quickly gone. Where does the time go.........

Happy Friday to ya!!

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