Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Friday Eve!

Hello, hello!  It's almost Friday. Time is just zinging on by. School here is back in session, for the most part. Before you know it Thanksgiving will be upon us and then the big C! There are 123 days left before the big event. I know you don't want to hear it. I was shocked myself when I looked on the calendar.

My time since the last time I posted has been busy. I'm trying to decide all of my handmade gifts for the big event. I'm behind this year and that has me a little concerned so I guess I need to buckle down. I kind of have some sense of what I want to make for everyone. It's just a matter of doing it. And I have to apologize. I don't have any links for any of what you're about to see. I go all over the internet looking for patterns as well as I get those emails and I print them out and then forget to get them when I take my pics.

I think this will probably be Kylie's for either Christmas or her birthday, haven't decided yet. Of course it's not done. I actually have a hat and two purses done, one of which I didn't like so I made another one and don't like it either! This is from a pattern for a woman and a poodle, although I'm not sure I will do the poodle.
These are hot pads. I like all three of them. Two I had patterns for and the square is a motif from one of my crochet books, I believe from Beyond The Motif. I just used cotton and bigger hook.
This hand puppet, some of you may recognize. The pattern came from one of my magazines, maybe Crochet World. I didn't like it. I had a hard time with the mouth. It's cute, but it didn't come out as I expected it would.
This is a larger hot pad. I found the pattern online and it had a number to it, but it seems to me that I saw this pattern in one of my books. And although I looked I couldn't find it. It was vaguely familiar. It's a real easy pattern. I'd love to do an afghan with panels of this stitching.
And these....geez....I was going to make slippers with them (well I needed 6 more for the second slipper). But I changed my mind.  I think I'll use these for a hat. The sage didn't photograph too well. It's a real pretty color green. And actually the red is a deeper red too. Crappy photography...what can I say?

And my last crochet for today are the colors for a CAL that I am in with Stitchy, Glor, Vikki and Faith, of the Sarafia afghan. I actually took a pic of two of the squares I already have done but the pic was very blurry. This yarn is StyleCraft DK from the UK. I love it. It's more like a sport weight but it's really soft. The front color is a soft peach. It looks almost white in this pic. The CAL is at our own pace. I am working on so many different things at the same time but it's ok. I get bored easy with projects. I jump from one to the other. They eventually come together. :o)

We here in the south are on the watch for the next few days or so. There's another storm brewing out there called Isaac. Where it goes depends on how far to the east the current high goes. There are actually two highs next to each other and then the jet stream is dipping low into the south above both highs. The high in the east is the one that will move even further east and when it does it'll allow that storm to come up between the two highs.  I have a couple of friends that just left to go on a cruise today for the weekend. I hope Isaac doesn't mess that up for them. There are so many places that need rain. I hope he heads their way and not ours (up the east coast).  I guess we'll see how he plays out.

Last today is a pic of my boy. He's not been doing good lately. I took him to the vet Saturday and got some steroids and pain meds for him. His back legs are going out on him. The vet told me I might have another 6 months with him. For now the steroids are working. A co-worker this morning gave me some Cosequin for him that she said should help him too. She said they have it in Walgreens and CVS now. He's 14.5 and his weight is a good 14 pounds 12 ounces. I was surprised at his weight. I thought he was lighter. So maybe with the help of some meds he will make it to see 15. I hope so.  
Anyways....happy Friday Eve y'all!  May the rest of your day be more than what you hoped for when your feet hit the floor this morning!



  1. You are like me I think I have at least 10 projects in the works (I get bored too). I hope your doggy does better. My cat did alot better with cortizone shots.

  2. You've certainly got a lot going on - I like the doll so far. I'm sending Leo all my best thoughts for him to feel better. :)

  3. Know something? My reds and greens NEVER come out in a photo looking right. They ALWAYS look washed out and it makes me mad. I SO LOVE those two colors, as you know, and wonder why they n ever look right :0{

    Hug your baby for me. It hurts me just thinking he is in enough pain to need the meds :0[

  4. You've been very busy...I love the colors you are using for the CAL! :)

    Ahhh there's sweet Leo. He is so cute! I am so glad he is doing better on his meds. Bless his'll have to give him a hug for me. :)

    Don't even go there with the holiday that comes after Thanksgiving. Nope, don't even say it, don't even think it, don't even bother, I am of course sailing on the Da Nile! I know, I know...where did this year go?

    I love that you have so many things going at once, I do helps to keep me from getting too bored with one project. :)

    Blessings always my dear friend and hugs to you and my pal Leo, too. :)

  5. I hope your dog feels better....I know you love him.

  6. OK enough with the holiday that follows Thanksgiving..I am not even sure what I am going to do many for Leo. I am sorry he is not doing well. Love the colors for the CAL. I will take pics and put my colors up. I have a total of 6 blocks done..not good at having a bunch of different projects going. I don't know why buy it makes me stress..I am working on that. It is the adhd..almost makes me do nothing..weird huh. Anyway have a great weekend..and keep your eye on that storm heading into the gulf. My sister lives in Tampa..she is keeping an eye on it too. Blessings

  7. Good vibes and healthy wishes for Mr. Leo. I'm giving Ollie Cosequin to help heal his back leg. Supposedly it's good stuff. Hugs to you and Leo.

  8. Wow Kat, lots of wonderful goodies. You certainly do get lots done! So glad you're in the CAL ... I have a few squares made too. Its so fun crocheting with you all. Your little guy, hope he's feeling better with the new med. Take good care, have a great weekend. Blessings.

  9. Hi Kat! Oh I know Christmas is approaching. I was thinking about it a couple of days ago. I thought, four more months. I best get busy. I have been making some things for a show that is going to be at the Groovy Girl yarn Store. What I don't sell will be gifts. You have really been busy, making some cool things. I'm sure everyone will love what they get from you.

    Hang on Leo!
    Cindy Bee

  10. Christmas needs to take its time...we're not ready! lol. The doll is adorable, and I agree with you, those panels would make a lovely afghan.

    I hope your poor puppy is feeling much better very soon! :( Hang in there, little guy!

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