Monday, August 13, 2012

Not Much Monday


Yes, I don’t have much to talk about on this Monday morning. Time is flying and I feel like I’ve fallen way behind. The big C is just around the corner already and I am not near where I was last year at this time. And I just don’t have the motivation to get started either.

I did finish another hat. This is what I worked on in my funk. Didn’t take me very long either. I love these two colors together. Although as usual the picture doesn’t show the true vibrancy of either one.


red and blue hat

Saturday I  started AND finished a baby rattle for one of my friends son’s newborn. I kind of improvised on the rattle part. I didn’t feel like running to the store so I got one of my dog’s old med bottle (cleaned out of course) and put 3 pennies in it and stuffed stuffing around it. Of course I told the mother of the baby so that if by some chance the baby chewed through and it came out then she would know. The baby is only 3 weeks old right now so it’ll be a little bit before he chews on and rattles it but still, she has knowledge. And below is the pattern. I made mine with Peaches and Creme camouflage and a G hook.

owl rattle                        owl rattle pattern

Well that’s all I have been up to crochet wise. I did work on a couple of other little things. Oh, remember the two yellow smiley faces? I was going to make a pillow, then Debi suggested making a purse. I decided to make a reversible hat. I started doing single crochet to make it hat-like and then while watching Casey Anderson on NatGeo yesterday (he is so dang cute and sexy) I sewed the other smiley on the back of the first smiley so that the hat can be turned inside out. I like how it turned out. It’s not done yet as it’s a bit tedious working in sc (with an F hook) in rounds but I have added a few rounds onto it.  I will definitely show it to you when it’s done. I’m not sure who will get it but I’m leaning more toward Kylie. It for sure will put a smile on anyone’s face to see it.

Hope your week is one of grace, beauty and love. Cya soon!



  1. Love the hat and the rattle is so cute! :)

    I had to google to find out what Casey Anderson looked like. Then I started to giggle thinking about what he would like holding on as you drove your bike. You go girl!

    He could be useful you know, I mean, he could hold the yarn bags when you get out of Hobby Lobby! Might even be handy with a lawn mower....yeah, I am sure you'd think of something! :)

    Hugs to you and my pal Leo, too. :)

    1. LOL. He's married. But still very nice to look at. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Thanks for the hugs...much needed lately. xoxo

  2. Love the penny idea! Will need to use it myself.

  3. Great looking hat - and the rattle is very cute. Good idea with the smiley faces - it'll be like 2 hats instead of one. Have a good day. :)

  4. Cute hat and cute rattle. I haven't seen that pattern (the rattle) before and I really like the yarn choice. Awesome!

  5. Great color combos on the hat. The rattle is adorable and a great improvise. Good thinking. Can't wait to see the smiley hat.

  6. What did the pattern call for ...for the rattle part. the owl pattern is cute

    1. The pattern called for a cat ball from the store. I thought I had some plastic easter egss somewhere but couldn't find them. The pattern wasn't too hard to figure out. I like the end result.

  7. Hey Kat,

    For being in a funk you sure do get a lot done! That rattle is so cute. Much better than a store bought one!

    About our pond, it is free flowing. There is a creek running through it. Good question.

    Cindy Bee

    1. Thanks Cindy Bee! I was happy with how it turned out.

      I'm so glad your pond is free flowing. When I read that I knew I had to tell you about the amoeba. I figured you probably knew but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  8. Very awesome! You are so creative and it must feel great to see all the things you're making with your own two hands! A home-made baby rattle is so sweet. Can you imagine how people had to do these things with imagination when there was not a Walmart around the corner? Good thinking!



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