Friday, June 11, 2010

Hooky Pleasure

Sorry....I've been super busy. Work has a way of doing that. And when I get home my computer is usually the last thing on my mind.

Although this week was different. I decided to get myself a web cam so that I can talk to and see my grandbabies. So I looked at them and decided to get the Microsoft Cinema LifeCam. The reviews on it were good and once I saw that it was a good one to use with Skype I looked no further. It was a little bit more but I figured if it does a good job and had all the great reviews it did then it's better to spend a few extra dollars for it.

It came to me here at work on Wednesday and I went home to hook it up, expecting to be able to talk to my sister in FL. She uses Skype to talk to my niece in Turkey. So I get it set up and we are on the phone talking trying to get it so we can see each other and I discover that my internet is down!! WHAT??? I had just used it the weekend before when my other sister was there and it was fine. So anyways, I call my provider and they end up coming out yesterday and leaving me a new modem. I hooked it up and voila!! I talked to my sister so all is good. How cool is that, that you can talk to someone face to face on your computer and it doesn't cost you anything???Now she just has to get my daughter hooked up and I can see and talk to Kylie and Bella! I can't wait! Now Bella will grow up knowing her 'motorcycle granny'. I love it.

Other than that it's been an ok week. Leo is insisting on hunting those damn armadilly's. I brought him in the house 3 times yesterday and the last time his little body was so hot. I can't not let him outside cuz he does need to do his business. So I let him have fun for a little bit but then I go out and get him. Which he's getting real good at dodging me when I am trying to catch him. I can see a middle-aged-woman-trying-to-catch-her-dog-fall in my future. I just hope I don't break anything in the event. I truly can't afford that.

Before my sister went to FL I whipped up a few little tea cup pin cushions. I gave her two to give to my other sister's in FL and the other one I'll give to her for on her way back to NY so that she can give to the other sister. These are so quick to get together. I will most likely make a bunch for Christmas gifts and then put a few back for whatever gifts. I do that a lot. :o) But it doesn't take much yarn or much fiber-fill. The hardest part is putting the top on. It gets a little aggravating but when you are done you have a cute little pin cushion with a handle!

Well I guess I best get back to it here. I had a break but the printer just went off. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and laughter and relaxation!
Kat xoxox

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  1. Your tea cups are adorable.For the latest Itsy swap, I made two pincushions for Lisa . . a chocolate donut with caramel icing and a piece of cherry pie. If you like making the pincushions, the cherry pie is so easy and adorable. Both are free and in the Ravelry pattern library.

    Now . . get back to work with your postings . . I have miissed them. Also, I like the water background you have now.

    :0} paula


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