Friday, August 20, 2010

Flyday Friday

Good morning. This week has flown by so fast. Before you know it Christmas will be here, huh? To tell you the truth I am so ready for cool weather.

This heat has worn us down. Me anyways. I hate when I get home and it's too hot to even stand outside. I love being outside. But when you're doing nothing but standing and you're pouring sweat, forget it. I'm off into the house. I get more crocheting done but once in a while I like to be outside.

I had promised Kylie some wrist warmers and then that little project kind of fell to the wayside because of others, until she said to me one day on Skype, 'how's my wrist warmers coming along granny?' So I had to whip them out, and whip them out I did. I was mad with myself because they only took me one evening and I could have had them done right after I told her I would make her some. So I sent them to her, along with a couple little somethings for Bella because I can't send one something and not the other. I didn't tell her they were coming.

I had colored the outside of the box with hearts, peace signs, balloons, a KilRoy (do you remember, or know what that is?), flowers, a kitty face and a very poor imitation of Leo on the box end with 'Where's Leo?' written on one of the sides. I bet the people at the post office that saw the box laughed. I had a wonderful time coloring it up for my grand babies. :o) And Kylie had the best time looking at it. She didn't know what the peace signs were. And she giggled when she saw the 'Where's Leo?' then looked all over the box before she found him. She asked me why there was only one kitty. This granny is not an artist....that's why. LOL. Hey, I got my giggles and smiles so it was all worth it. She loved the wrist warmers too. She wants me to make her some more out of the school colors so that she'll be able to wear them to school (they have uniforms and can only wear approved attire/colors). So she was supposed to ask yesterday at orientation if she would be allowed to wear certain colored wrist warmers. I haven't heard back yet.

I really love Skype, especially since it's free. It warms my heart to see Bella and she says 'hi granny'. Before our Skype life she had no clue that I existed. Sad huh? And Kylie...what a character that child is. My daughter tries to shield her from so much so that she'll have a normal childhood. But there's only so much you can shield them from.

Case in point - My daughter and her girls had been out somewhere and came home. One of the neighbors was out in her driveway looking not so happy. So she(my daughter) asked what was wrong. Well it seems that a boy down the street (who just happened to be out in his yard at the time) took the neighbor's child's bike right out of their open garage. Another neighbor saw it happen. To make a long story short, now Kylie is worried (nervous was her terminology) about her stuff that she cherishes being taken from her. She went through this long, detailed explanation of what she did to hide her most cherished possessions (including the afghan I made for her)so that he wouldn't find them and take them. I felt so bad for her and tried to explain that it was doubtful that this person was going to come take her possessions and that her daddy had put up her and Bella's bikes so that no one would take them. But my heart still went out to her. 6 years old and having to worry about someone coming to take her stuff. A 6 year old shouldn't have to worry about things like that.

I hate what this world is coming to and frankly I don't see it getting any better. I didn't have to grow up like this and I wish kids growing up now didn't have to either. Of course this is a 'head in the clouds' attitude, kinda sorta, but I can't help how I feel either. We're supposed to want better for our kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc. And I do, but I don't see it happening, at the moment anyways. Sigh....I'd love to scoop her up and tell her that she won't have to worry about anything like that but sadly I can't.

Well time to get to it. I think it's going to be a busy day and a busy weekend. Pray for cool!!! LOL. I like heat but it's been way too hot for way too long this summer. I hope where ever you are that you stay cool and have a wonderful day and weekend!!
Kat xoxox

PS/Vicki's HD hotpad turned out fairly decent. The pics don't do the color justice. It's so hard to get true color pics. The coasters I made for a lady who offered to do our 'glamour shots' for free. Mine was crochet themed. I was behind Bella's 12 point star blankie that I'm working on and I look naked behind it (though I have on a shirt and shorts). I can't wait to see how they turn out!!


  1. I know who Kilroy is . . . AND . . I want to see the pictures of the Nekid Crocheter! ! ! ! ! !


  2. LOL...I can't wait to see them myself! I was a bit hesitant but after thinking about it I kind of warmed up to the idea.


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