Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally Friday!~

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my carpal tunnel.  They gave me a script for prednisone and spider elbow pads and wrist splints. And I need to go back in 6 weeks. It seems I probably have it in both wrists, just that the other one hasn’t popped yet. So we’ll see what they say in 6 weeks. I know it’s bothering me and the spider pads make it all hurt worse.  Sigh……


I don’t have a whole lot going on.  I’m still messing around with marbles. I tried to take a pic last night of the fob I’m working on.  It’s black thread with yellow marbles inside.  The top one has a face in it and it looks like a Ninja. It looks better in person. :o) But I think I’m going to make this one long…like at least 5 marbles high. I like how the  yellow and black go together. Though I’m not a fan of black thread, it’s hard to see the stitches, even with my readers on. But the  yellow just pops out.


Bad storms came through last night but after they left the weather has turned nice. Not hot during the day and cool at night. I can’t remember the last time I used my a/c. And I’m going to hold out on turning the heat on as long as I can.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Cya soon.



  1. I'd like to see a pic of the elbow pads & splints so I know what they look like. I hope they help you. Maybe you will get used to them?

    Have a good weekend...

  2. I hope the carpal tunnel gets taken care of soon and you feel better. :)

  3. How are you crocheting with the pain and all? I sincerely hope it gets better quickly. The blue spiral doily is a trish kristoffersen pattern..spiral doilies, I believe is the name of the pattern book..she has another book with spirals too..victorian spiral doilies..She is one of my favorite designers..I have like 3 or four I really like. Have a great weekend and take care of the hands.

  4. Every once in a while, when I am working with the double worsted weight yarn, my right wrist will feel like the inside bone is popping through the skin . . . guess it is telling me it's time to take a break.

    Hops our "tunnels" get better.

  5. Hmmm, I'm seeing doc on Monday for carpal tunnel. I've been wearing the splints at night for several years now.

  6. Hope your carpal tunnel gets better very soon and that you feel much better. :)

    Blessings always

  7. check this site out:

    You probably already know all this, but every time I see anything Tunisian I always wonder if you'd like to see it. :)


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