Monday, October 10, 2011

It’s A Rainy Day in Georgia

Happy Monday!  Today it is raining. It actually started yesterday afternoon and hasn’t quit. We needed it badly. Texas too and they are getting rain! Yippee!! Ours has been a nice soaking in rain. I did hear on the news this morning that San Antonio had a tornado. I hope it wasn’t close to my niece. I haven’t heard so I guess that’s a good thing.

The below pics were taken yesterday. I don’t drive my truck on a regular basis because it’s too costly in gas (11 mpg). But I do drive it on the weekends to keep the battery up. When I left the house yesterday before the rain started I was going down the road and noticed this lizard on my hood. He wanted to go for a ride! He didn’t have the sense to jump off before I left the house. Who knows where he ended up. I saw him at the gas station and tried to catch him to let him go but he was quicker than I was.  He made me make a fool of myself!  And yes, my windshield is cracked. It’s been that way for 3 or 4 years now. A tractor trailer kicked something up and it hit at the bottom of my windshield in the middle. The next day I had two cracks come out of where the missile hit, one going right and the other going left. They are both low enough that my vision is not impaired.  As much as I drive the truck I’m not going to worry about it.  And the second pic is a caterpillar that was on my back deck and Leo started sniffing it. After the attack of the saddleback….lol….I wasn’t taking any chances with my baby.  So I put it up on the post to photograph it. It reminds me of a cucumber!

IMAG0400        IMAG0398 (2)

I was messing around this weekend with my crocheting (What else is new?). Didn’t get anything major accomplished but managed to make some little doodads.

IMAG0399                               IMAG0393


IMAG0404                              IMAG0403

I found something else to do with the 400 pounds of marbles I own. You can see the first one I tried with the big marble in the first pic. I actually made another 3 marble piece but I guess I didn’t get a pic of it. It wasn’t all that great. But I’m super happy with the one in pink. See the faces I made? One is in the second from the bottom and the other is in the top.  I know it’s hard to see but the marbles inside are green. I actually think they are chinese checkers marbles. I have a gazillion of them.  In the top left pic I also love the flower hexagon motif. The pattern for that is out of one of my Harmony Guides books, as well as the pattern for the pink flower with the purple border. That one was kind of aggravating with a bunch of picots around the next to the last round. But it turned out pretty. I think I may make a pin cushion out of that one.

Other than that my weekend was pretty quiet.  Any weekend I can spend in the country with my boy and crochet hooks is a good one for me. I had the doors open all weekend. That’s one of the reasons I love this time of year. Pretty soon the clocks will be turned again and it’ll be dark early and cold again. I’m not looking forward to that. And forgive me but there’s only 70 something days til Christmas. Where is the time going???

I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too. Let’s hope our week ahead will be an easy one. Cya soon!



  1. I love looking at all your crochet "doodads" that you create. :)

    Glad you and Texas are getting rain, I know you both needed it. :)

    What are you planning to hook for Christmas? Any ornaments, gifts?

    Hope you have a wonderful day and keep that hook flying. :)

  2. The little trinkets are nice. Love the earrings and the little keychain with the marbles. Great idea. :)

  3. Before I even read your post . . as Karen sang, "Raint days and Mondays always get me down "-{

  4. HOw did you get so many marbels? I think I lost some of mine and they might be at your house.

  5. LMBO - Paula, you're too funny! A guy I work with put his daughter through brain surgeon school from selling marbles. Most of his business has been overseas. So when he found out I liked marbles he would give me any he had left of discontinued ones. Which was cool, it wasn't all that many. But he gave them to me on the condition that I not sell them on EBay or Craig's List, anywhere online. Then one day he came to me and said he was getting out of the marble selling business, did I want what he had left. I said sure. Turned out to be 400 pounds of marbles!! I tried to sell them at the flea market and NO ONE looked at them. Seriously! So I still have 400 pounds of marbles. And no I don't think I have yours here....this is too far from your place. You've never been here so how can you lose them here?? lol xoxo

  6. Cool stuff!! What are you doing with all the marbles..guess you won't be losing your marbles anytime soon!!

  7. The rain eased in here yesterday afternoon. From what I can see in the dark, it appears to have stayed around overnight.
    I have an older truck Higgins and I drive on weekends to keep the battery up, too. I think I'm behind.

  8. It's a rainy day here in Indiana too. I was thinking of the song....a rainy night in Georgia....Love your little crochet doodads. I like the one you sent me on a key ring. I put a key on it already. I locked myself out of the car Monday and I was in another town :-( Not good.
    Have a great weekend.

    Cindy Bee


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