Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marbles, Spider Pads & Wrist Splints

Happy Tuesday!  As you can tell by the title, not much crocheting has gone on. Some, mind you, but not a lot.

Another lovely weekend passed in which I felt pretty good because I got a major job on my plate done.  My shed has needed to be cleaned out for a long time.  The power company sent a notice with the last few bills that they  had contractors in the area to pick up old refrigerators and they would send you $35 for an old working refrigerator picked up by them. So I jumped on that bandwagon, and it was the push I needed to get my butt out there to clean out a bunch of stuff. Which I did……half a truck bed load of stuff to chuck out!!  I can now get in there and move around and do some wood burning again! I am psyched about that.  I also wanted to take a pic of my marbles to show you what 400 pounds look like. Although after I took this pic I realized I had 4 more boxes behind a rolling cart. I said the heck with it…you get the idea.


So, in my last post I told you about my carpal tunnel and what they want me to do for 6 weeks until I go back. Below is my elbow spider pad for my left arm, I have a matching one for my right arm. These, to me, are doing more harm than good. They itch like crazy, they hurt, they make my arms and elbows raw and hurt. I’m supposed to wear the pads on the outside of my arm (as in the pic) during the day, and then turn them to the inside to wear at night.  And the wrist splints (second pic) are just to be worn at night. The splints are ok and I can deal with them fairly well at night but I can’t stand the spider pads. 

Frankly, I think that insurance has a lot to do with why I am having to wear them.  Glor left me a comment in the last post saying that she’s worn the splints at night for years I think.  And Vikki asked about how I was crocheting. Well to answer Vikki’s question – I haven’t been doing a lot of crocheting, but as much as I can handle until my hand/wrist starts hurting.  I’m starting to get behind on my Christmas crochet. That’s not good.  And Glor – I’m wondering, not to be nosey or anything, but do you have insurance?  I think that they can’t just operate because the insurance company wants the doctor to not be so ‘cut’ happy and try an alternative first – such as the pads and splints.  And I truly understand that, but seriously? I can’t see it getting any better because I’m on a computer all day at work, then go home and crochet til bedtime (minus a few chores).  I’ve been on a computer at work for over 12 years now… 5 days a week….and I will be that way until they kick me out the door. There are days when my hand is killing me trying to hold the mouse.  Sigh………. I just want it to be over with and not hurting anymore. 



What little bit of crochet I’ve done in the last few days is minimal. I did start a shawl for my ex-boss/co-worker for her birthday. It is the Elise Shawl and I am using Paton’s Lace.  Midas, I think, is the color I’m using.  I wasn’t thrilled with the Paton’s Lace at first because it’s so fine and splitty. But I’m getting the hang of it and I love how the shawl is looking. I haven’t taken a pic of it yet, I want to get more rows done on it. Other than that I’ve not done anything since messing with my marbles. ;o)

I hope this week finds you well and happy. We are about to get some rain until tomorrow when it will clear up and be ‘cool’…or so the weather man says. I’m betting I will have to turn my heat on at night. We’ll see. We need the rain. We have a deficit of 9 inches presently. As long as it’s a soaking rain it’ll be ok. I don’t like the torrential downpours that we sometimes get.  Anyways…..ya’ll have a good one. I’ll be back soon as I can. Cya soon!



  1. Ugh!!! I hope you start seeing some relief soon!

  2. Hey Kat,

    Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel. I do believe insurance has a lot to do with Dr. choices. Hopefully you will start feeling better soon. I've had a lot of aches and pains lately and so has my husband. Just getting older. I know when I worked on the computer all day long I had a lot of arm pain.

    I love all of your crocheted doodads. They are so cute. I am finding that I love crocheting. Even more than knitting. I just made flowers! Fun.

    Thanks again for the little key chain and book.

    Hey I was wondering, how is the friend of yours with the sick son.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Thanks for the pics. The elbow thing looks uncomfortable, but I can see how it might help. Too bad they are doing you no good. I wear a wrist brace a lot when I start feeling that familiar ache. I should probably wear them 24/7 with all the typing and crocheting I do.

    We really cooled off today. It was 54 when I got up today. Yipee! I hope ya'll get some of it too.

  4. Ok..first are those your arms with the tats? I want to see them all now!!! I truly hope your wrist, and hands get better. I had a friend that had to go through the same thing with the insurance..she went through workman's comp..because it was work related. Seemed like it went on forever until she had the surgery. The surgery really helped her. All my trees are made with the same pattern..they are not shells but series of different kinds of tr crochet stitches.

  5. Those elbow pads make your elbows look like they belong to a super hero . . . LOLOL

  6. I had no idea about your hands hurting so much. Bless your heart, I can't even begin to figure out how you work all day and then crochet and live with the pain, too.

    Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. :)

    Blessings always


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