Thursday, November 3, 2011


That's what I did yesterday in my post. I should have added the link for the hearts. Sorry, I was trying to hurry to get my post done in between stuff. So you can find the hearts pattern here.  Thank you, Pammy Sue.

And what I did was I made the small heart in the pattern (there's large too) but on the humps I only crocheted up to round 6 and left out round 7. The red heart was done with all 7  rounds but I didn't like how humped they were. The white was the second one I did with only 6 and it looks much better, not so humpy. :o)

I started on one of the large hearts last night and I'm going by pattern but it's going to be 8 rows of red, then 6 or 7 rows of white, then the rest blue. (I think there's 22 rounds to the large heart if I remember correctly).

I also finished another different heart last night. Check it out.
I made the heart, then crocheted I think 25 or 26 rows of 25 sc in white, then sewed the heart on it with the blue and then made a border of blue dc with 5 dc in each corner.  I need to put ties on each side to tie it to the tree.

So after making the red, white and blue heart I will only have one more to make for Warrior's Walk. Hopefully the third multi-colored heart will be done tonight and something else will pop in my head for the last one.

So that's 2 posts in a row in 2 days for me! But I have to scram now. Hope your day is going great! Cya soon!



  1. Nothing like good red, white and blue to make my day.

    What brand did you use, it is so perfect?

  2. Those hearts are cute. I made a bunch of them once and I was going to use them for bunting but never got that far. Maybe this year.

    I love that little crocheted girl with the attitude.

    What did you ever do with Lick Lick? I tried to think of something, but couldn't. I know when we first got WInston he was pooping in his cage, then he'd sit in it, but he stopped. I think he was having digestive/nerve problems. Poor dog. Maybe if you get Lick Lick a compantion???? Just a thought.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Thanks for the link. I love that you put these our for Warrior's Walk. :)

    I just read your last post. Love your wood burning and the pic of the little Mr. Lick, Lick is beyond cute.

    Can't wait to see how many more dolls and other things you create. :)

    Blessings always


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