Monday, November 28, 2011

Much To Share



Good morning! Happy Monday! I know….I hear the grumbles in the background. I was grumbling this morning when I had to get up to come back to work after a wonderful 4 days off.  But I got a lot accomplished in those 4 days. I was one of the ones who didn’t go anywhere, just stayed home with Leo. He so enjoyed mama being home and not having to get up early. I observed him in the bed this morning staring off into space and then all of a sudden his eyes would start to close. He did this a few times and all I could do was laugh at him. But anyways….it’s back at it for a few more weeks until my yearly jaunt south to go home for a week. These first two pics are my crochet table in such a disarray. But ya know what? I knew where everything was and what needed to be done, it was all right there. By the end of the weekend it was cleaned up quite a bit. My table was definitely full of color. The variegated brown in the first pic is a shawl I am working on for someone out of Paton’s lace. It’s coming along nicely but I am quickly running out of time and I can only do so much before I put it down to work on something else. I think if I work on it every night this week when I get home from work that I will have it done. This is the Elise Shawl. It’s the one I mentioned in a couple of posts back where the pattern is basically the same as the South Bay Shawl.

See the colorful granny behind the shawl? That started out as a pillow cover for Kylie but has ended up in the wip box because I need to frog a bunch of it and don’t have time now. I’m really bummed about that but oh well. 

                               crochet table 1                                              crochet table 2

I couldn’t remember if I showed you this or not but this was a wrapper from one of the balls of yarn that I received in my large shipment from Michigan.  Purchased from Walmart, for $.37.     I found it odd that there was no date on it. Until I went to look at newer wrappers, and there was no date. I don’t know why I thought there were dates on them.                  

                                                        aunt lydia's wrapper

And next up is Leo. Well, Leo’s rear end.  He was being really quiet and I found him like this. As soon as I took the pic he came up out of the covers. Guess I spoiled his nappy. I found it hilarious that his head and feet are covered but not his body and butt.

                                                        leo under cover


Below is a small project I started and just laid on the table (with all the other wips).  Sorry for the blurry second pic but I wanted to show you that I lined it.  It’s a granny square purse/bag for Kylie. The thing keeping me from getting it done was sewing the lining together and sewing it inside the grannys. I had the two grannys done and crocheted together but none of the rest.  I decided Saturday to work my sewing machine to get done all of the linings I needed. (4 of them) This was the only one I finished totally.

                               kylies granny purse                     blurry kylies granny purse innards

A friend of mine got married Friday, and I was privileged enough to be a part of it. This was what I made them for a wedding present. Their wedding invitation was the picture in the middle taken by them as a self timered shot. And the back of the postcard told the date and time they were getting ‘hitched’ at the chicken coop. Which the wedding was on their back porch. It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to…….simple, intimate and beautiful. And she is not as pregnant as she looks in this pic. She’s not far along at all and doesn’t really show. But they got this idea and for fun she put a towel in her overalls. They talked about getting pregnant, then getting married. Not the traditional way but they did it in their own way. They’re married now….who cares? :o) And what I love about it is that he will be a stay at home dad. She will remain working. Again…..they’re doing it their own way.

                                                                     Jen and Brent  

I know I showed you the ‘Tude Blonde before, but I wanted to show you the hat I mad her and the box she will be in until Bella opens her at Christmas.  I found boxes like this at AC Moore’s for $.99 each!  I love them! I got one for Kylie too and put the Hello Kitty hat I made her in it.  I think I may go back and get more if they have any left. The Hello Kitty hat turned out good I think. I should have put the bow up higher but I don’t think Kylie will mind. Hope not anyways. :o)       

                                         bellas baby in the box                 hello kitty hat

Below is part of my marble keychain fobs for Christmas presents. I wrapped these up Thursday for their recipients. As well as the little rose bag.

                                                               marble presents

And lastly I started another baby yesterday and this one I am writing the pattern down for it, to share with ya’ll. I know some of you don’t do thread but I think it may work out with yarn for a bigger baby. I’ll have to try it when I get done with the thread one.

                                                                                         new baby with pattern being written

So folks….my weekend was very productive. I wish I had more time off but not until it’s time to head home. Most of my Christmas is done. Just a few more odds and ends.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I missed out on a lot of food but hey….my butt, thighs and belly didn’t need any of it. I enjoyed fried broccoli and left over fried lemon pepper chicken. (Fried them both in the pan with seasonings. OMG)

Enjoy your week! Try not to stress too badly about Christmas. It’ll soon be here and gone again. Much love from me and the Leo'-myster.



  1. Hey you know sound happy! And relaxed. I like it. I think it's wonderful you got a lot done by staying home. I did not stay home, so I am staying in as much as possible this week. Since my MIL broke her hip it just added to the stress in our lives. But she sure didn't do it on purpose. So...what is it about not finishing projects? I went to my 'craft clutter room' and found three blanket wips sitting there on the floor in front of me. ACK! At least they aren't for other people. Good for you for makign so many gifts. I still have my keys on the keyring you sent me!

    Cindy Bee

  2. busy busy busy...I think you have way too many projects going at once!! Good luck with finishing them all in time..blessings

  3. Wow - you have been busy. All your projects look nice. :)

  4. Your projects all look very nice and I know you'll finish the shawl in time. :)

    I don't blame you for staying home. I never do the crazy shopping thing on black Friday anymore. I can't deal with all that drama!

    Leo cracks me up. So cute. :)

    Blessings always

  5. WOW ! ! ! ! ! !

    WOuld love to comment on everything, but if I did, I'd be writing until your next post.

    LOVE the Hello Kitty hat.

    ALso, had a BRAIN STORM . . I wonder is you did a single crochet rectangle if it would work as a lining to the smaller purses.

    Or, buy those bleached burlap/flour sack towels and used the button hole stiotch to attach them to the edges of the purse. WOuld be VERY little actual sewing . . . just the sides . . then button hole them to the sides of the purse.

    What do ya think?

  6. Time just staying home ... ohhh, that sounds great and look at all the wonderful yarny stuff you have going on. Wonderful projects. Love the granny purse, think I have to make some of these for a friend's granddaughters. They would love these, actually they would love the doll too. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful, blessed day.

  7. Just look at all your great stuff! You look like me with LOTS of projects going at once in various stages of finishing. You are much better at actually finishing some of them. I still hold out hope for some of mine. LOL. About once a year a clear things out and let go of some I know I will never finish and have lost enthusiasm for.

  8. O I love the little doll and the box is a cute in expensive idea. Very cute...


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