Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To


It’s that time of year again for Warrior’s Walk.  I’ve been doing other things and really hadn’t thought about it until I saw something the other day that reminded me that it’s the time of year that I make the hearts for the 4 adopted soldiers.  The pic below shows a 3D red, white and blue heart joined together and all I need to do is put a hanger of some sort on it to hang from the tree. I’m really loving those hearts. I have something different started for the second one and then two more to do. Not sure what I’ll do with those.



Remember my little blonde with an attitude from my last post?  I made her a little jacket to go over her dress. I need to put a couple of buttons on it don’t I?  I really enjoyed making her so I think I see more like her in the future.  I think she needs a sister or two. :o)


Guess who was hanging with me in the shed as I was doing some burning? :o)  I happened to turn and saw just his ears sticking up so I grabbed my phone to take a pic and his little face popped up like ‘Whatcha doin?’. 


I was burning this. I thought it turned out pretty good for not having burned in a while. But then I went and messed with it more the other day and messed it up. Of course you won’t get to see that one, just the one before the mess up. :o) I was bummed. This is on cherry wood. And I didn’t realize how sappy cherry wood is. Anyways….I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I’ll mess with it some more and maybe I can figure something out so it won’t look so bad.

                                                                                        IMAG0461 (2)

Don’t look at my wrinkled hand (geeze I got old quick), I tinkered with making a bracelet.  It was pretty easy, or easier than I thought it would be.  This was an experiment that turned out pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. It kind of sets off my tat huh? :o)


Time change is this weekend folks. I used to love the time change when I was younger. I guess getting the hour back was more important to me than that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day.  Now I hate the time change.  Sure, I like getting the hour back, but I don’t like it getting dark earlier. I don’t see why they have to mess with it anyways. Just stay the same time all year long, that would suit me just fine.

Not much else is going on with me other than very busy at work still. Same old same old. Before you know it……..well crud…..3 weeks from tomorrow is Thanksgiving and a little more than 5 weeks after is Christmas. Where did this year go?  2012 is upon us already.

Hopefully your day was the very best. Mine flew! Cya soon.



  1. Look at that face and those ears on Mr. Leo! He's so cute. Love the little doll and especially the hearts. Can you give us the pattern for them? (I'm a pain in the ass, aren't I?) I want to hang some on my back porch.

  2. When I asked for the pattern for "them," I just meant the hearts, not the doll. Okay, bye.

  3. Your hand looks like mine . . in reality, when I look at it it looks good. But, when it appears in a picture all of the wrinkles show up. I think this is the only part of my body that doesn't have fat in it to fill it out . . . wonder if I can get some sucked off my butt and added to my hands . . or will they then look like asses? LOLOL

  4. All of your projects look nice. The wood burning sounds interesting. :)


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