Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Things


Happy Tuesday! The countdown is on. I saw a post on FB yesterday from one of my co-workers that there is only 13 working days for her and then vacation. So I looked at my calendar and sure enough.  Mine is 11 from today. Holy cow! It will be here before I know it. And then it’s off to FL for me to see family.

I wanted to show you a pic of the contrast of my Christmas cactus. I have two colors, fuschia and a pale yellow.  I have not seen a lot of the pale yellow around, I can’t even remember where I got it from. I also have a small red but it didn’t produce blooms this year. Maybe because it’s small and I’ve only had it for maybe six months. It was from a trade I made of the pale yellow for the red. The red has a name but I forgot what it is. I was really hoping it would bloom this year. Maybe next.


                                                                    christmas cactus 1

The next two pics are small Bella gifts.  I made this little bag for her with the idea that it would be big enough to carry stuff in. It’s not real big, but was a booger to do. I had this idea in my head and it didn’t quite come out as I planned. She’s 3, almost 4. She’ll be happy to have a purse/bag of her own. :o) The colors in the first pic didn’t come out and it’s kind of blurry. Sorry for that. You can see a part of it in the second pic and those are the true colors. I believe it’s Caron Baby Ombre. I might be wrong on that. I love the colors though. In the second pic is the Kitty Hat from Ann of Bella Crochet. I added a row to it though. It just didn’t look long enough. And the yellow/magenta are wristlets. And I’m betting they are too long on the finger part. I just winged it. Oh well. I’m sure there are baby dolls that can wear them. :o)

                                                                     bella bag

                                                                      bella hat and wristlets

Below are some dabbles. I saw some crocheted earrings somewhere in my blog travels. So I went to AC Moore and picked up some hook earrings. It’s not as easy as it looks. :o) But I am giving it one heck of a try!  In the first pic on the right are two bobble earrings. They’re just bigger than a quarter. The two next to them don’t match, I was just messing around. But the ones in the second pic are going to be for Kylie for Christmas, along with a barrette that I crocheted to match. Now that was not easy. I guess I could have crocheted it and hot glued it on, but I’m not a big fan of hot glue. There is a hole on either end of it so I started at one hole and crocheted a chain to the second hole and went into that hole and came back out on top and proceeded from there.  The single hold on either end was not enough. As I continued to crochet in the oval it curled up on the ends. So on my last pass around the oval I went back into the one hole and under the loop, came back out, finished the pass and then ended in the last hole. It was harder than I had anticipated but I did it. 


The last pic is a motif out of one of my books. It ended up bigger than I had imagined. And kind of crappy too. See the large stitches on the right hand side of it? :o( Oh well…….I can use it for a stitch marker or hey…maybe as a rear view mirror adornment! lol.

                                                                      crochet earrings

                                                                       Kylies earrings and barret

                                                                       large star earring

That’s about all I have today. I am still doing little odds and ends but I’m mainly done.  Tomorrow I need to take my little man to the doctor. He has all of sudden developed an eye infection and last night I noticed that he has a lump on the same side on his snout! This has all transpired over the weekend.  You can see him in the background of the last pic laying in his chair. Hopefully the snout thing is related to the eye infection. I hate when he’s not feeling good.

I hope your week is wonderful! Cya soon!



  1. Everything looks very nice - I especially like the earrings. :)

  2. I just love Random posts. A little bit of everything. Your Christmas Cactus are pretty. I like the pink one. My Mom would probably like the yellow one. I've never seen yellow before. Did you trade a 'start' of the plant with someone else?

    The crocheted stuff looks fun. I like the earrings, remind me of the keychain. You could make more of those motifs and hang them up like snowflakes, or make them in colors and make a bunting.

    Poor Leo. Let us know what the Doc says.

    Cindy Bee


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