Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Few Things


Good morning! Happy Friday Eve!! And it is December 1st. Where did this year go?

I just wanted to stop in briefly to show you a few things. The first is this ad out of a magazine that came to work for an ex-co-worker. See the scarf and hat, and right next door is the mittens that are knitted? They are crocheted and knitted from Nepal.  Notice the prices. The scarf is $59.95!  I know our time is valuable but I wouldn’t have imagined charging/paying that much for a scarf. Or am I just out of touch??  I have only charged for a couple of book marks before and really felt bad about charging for them but the person buying them insisted.  I just don’t have a clue as to what is a fair price to charge for things like this.  I guess that’s why I don’t have an etsy shop huh?


                                                  signal magazine crochet hat n scarf

Next up is an ad out of my newly delivered Crochet Today! magazine. Isn’t this a cool idea?

                                                   scented stones

And lastly today, my ta-dah! I finished the Elise Shawl last night. The pattern I have says to use an I hook and approximately 400 yards of sock weight yarn.  I used Paton’s Lace yarn and an F hook, thinking that I could get away with one skein, since the skein of Paton’s Lace is 498 yards. Right?  Wrong. This is crocheted with 2 skeins. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to order two of the same color. They were on sale.  If I had started it with only the one skein on hand I would have been so mad at myself.  It’s kind of short for me but I am a big/tall person. The person this is intended for is a lot smaller than I am so it should be ok. I learned a lot from this project. But overall I am happy with the results. I just hope she’ll like it. (I need a dummy/mannequin badly)

                                                    elise shawl

Well that’s all for me today. I hope your week has been a good one. It’s almost the weekend again and I am hoping to be done with all of my Christmas gifts. We’ll see. :o)  Cya soon!



  1. The shawl came out very pretty. :)

  2. That scarf is hot...I too am baffled as to how much to charge for my wares. A nice scarf, like the one shown in the picture, is around 40 to 60 bucks.....
    I saw one in Nordstroms yesterday for 89 $

  3. Yeah I have an Etsy shop..and I am still baffled as what to charge..I usually do 3x the cost of the thread..seems to work until you use like 6 do I charge 90.00 for a table topper? I don't..then you have some that sell their stuff too cheap, doesn't even cover the cost of making it. So you guess is as good as mine..Congrats on having Christmas wrapped up..I am hardly started..Have a great weekend..

  4. Your shawl is beautiful! :)

    I saw this pattern link for doll stuff and thought you migth want to make some.

    Lucky you to get the new Crochet Today already...I am stalking the mailman for mine!

    Here's the link:

    Hope you have a great day. :)

  5. The shawl is beautiful. It will be cherished for sure.


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