Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy As A……….

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :o) Today is going to be very busy for me so I had to get this posted early.

This is the start of my free form collection….with the exception of the big blue flower, which is my very own and which I did not write a pattern for! Not all of the little stuff though will make it on my free form garment. I had it all stacked up together and laid it all out to take a pic. I finished another one after I took this pic of the African Violet motif. In thread it’s really pretty. For now I’m pretty content to just piddle with small motif’s. 

free form little stuff

Although, I have other things that I have crocheted just to switch it up. Hats! And a wip that I started a very long time ago is finally done! The hats are from a good sized stash that was given to me last weekend. Me? Refuse good stash?? No way Jose. :o) The girl that gave me her stash is going to be moving to VA and getting divorced. She knew I crocheted and asked me if I wanted everything she had. She had tried a couple of times to crochet and knit and it just didn’t work for her. She said mainly that she wanted to make her son a hat in lime green, shocking pink and black. Wellllllll…………guess what I did? First I gave her, her pick, of a hat out of my hat box. Which by the way is full and I’ll have to start another one. And then I made 3 hats out of the lime, pink and black. And then I attempted one in the chunky bikini (color name) that was in the stash. Only to make it interesting and so that I could see the stitches, I crocheted with another strand of RH turqua.

I had the turqua out still from finishing the scarf. This scarf is kind of stiff. I need to wash it. I’ve had it in my wip’s forever it seems because the stiffness of the turqua was hard on my hand. I was using a G hook and it was killing me. I’m glad it’s done. :o)  I also crocheted another hat that the pic turned out pretty blurry so I didn’t include it here, but it was made with blue and oceana that I am making the tunic out of. (Yes, I put the tunic down….did you expect different??? lol)  Ohhhh, and I did receive a nice email from RH about their site. They didn’t find anything wrong but attached the pattern for the tunic. OK. That wasn’t what I wanted. I was alerting them to site problems with searching for patterns. ANYWAY……………in the stash were 3 sets of knitting needles and two large double ended crochet hooks. Here soon I will be having a give away because I am getting close to 100 followers! I think I may be including a couple of these sets PLUS yarn, thus more than one winner. So stay tuned for that. :o)

green pink black hat   greenpinkblack 1   greenpinkblack 2

bikini turqua hat   scarf done

The turqua bikini hat is very thick, so thick in fact that it will stand up as a bowl.  The first lime, pink and black hat is thick too from crocheting with 3 strands. I really like them both. So this is what I have been working on.

Our weather……I just don’t know what to say. It’s not indicative of the normal weather that we have. Yesterday morning we set a low and the first pic is when I was leaving home. The second pic is when I was leaving work. 59 and 95. And they are saying today is a 99 day with 100’s this weekend!   Wow, I just noticed something in the dashboard pics. My mph goes up to 140!!  Holy cow. I wonder if it truly does?? I doubt I will ever find out but isn’t that interesting? A question that comes to mind is, why, if none of the speed limits in the US is that high, would you have a topped out speed of 140mph on a vehicle??  If anyone has the answer please enlighten me. Thanks! :o) 

yesterday morn low   yesterday noon high

So that’s all I have for you today. I am off all next week and have planned work at home around the house and yard AND a trip to the boro to visit one of my favorite places to give them money for my crafting…….the place called Hobby Lobby. lol. Like I need more yarn right?? Actually Petco is in the same strip of stores as is one of the bookstores.

Ok folks….keep cool on this glorious Friday and I will cya soon!!


PS/ I so wish we could cart a bunch of the flooding in FL to CO to dump on those wild fires. I feel bad for people in both locations. From one extreme to the other.


  1. The hats and scarf look great! I love the bright colors.
    I asked my husband that question; I thought he'd have a technical answer because he's a mechanic. All he said was "because if we want to, we can." How does that help?
    We didn't get hit too hard with Tropical Storm Debby, just a few inches of rain. But poor North Florida got about 20 inches! I wish we could share some of that extra water with whoever needs it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love the hats. Just wash them and put a lot of fabric softner in there and they will turn out soft and yummy. I do that all the time with my Red Heart stuff.

    Sorry that the lady is getting a divorce and moving away, but Yay to getting her stash.

    We hit 107 yesterday with no rain in site and everything is turning brown...I've tried to water all my plants but gave up yesterday when it felt like an oven outside at 700pm! I am way too old for this crap!

    Hope you and my pal Leo have a wonderful day and a super great weekend....

    Keep that hook flying. :)

  3. Love the hats and the scarf. Good for you picking up some stash yarn - (but sorry about the lady getting a divorce).

  4. Stitch and I must live in close proximity to each other..topped out here at 107 yesterday..with more to rain at all in June, very little in everything is so dry..Love your hats!! But the idea of anything on my head makes me sweat just thinking about it. It was nice of your friend to think of you when she was destashing. I am surprised you don't already have 100 followers..your blog is one of my favs..Have a good weekend and stay cool. Oh your speedo goes up that high so you can roll the windows down and drive fast so you can cool the inside of your car off..Blessings

  5. Vikki - you crack me up. lol Blessings my friend.

  6. Gorgeous scarf, love the hats ... how nice that you were given yarn and how nice of YOU to give her the choice of hat! I love motifs and sometimes do just that too, just work them up. There's something about them! Keep cool and have a wonderful day.


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