Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It’s In The Eyes

Happy Hump Day! It’s a steamy morning in SE Georgia this morning. We’ve had some rain. I’ve received over 5 inches since Sunday evening. I thought I was going to get more last night but the storms managed to circle me. Which is fine. I had two nights of Leo shaking and pacing. He shakes so hard it’s a wonder he doesn’t have a heart attack.

Anyways, I wanted to show you Betsy all done. She has eyes! I crocheted the blue for her eyes but that just didn’t do it for me. She looked like a zombie! So I added jiggly eyes with pink pupils. :o) I think that’s much better. 

betsy with eyes


I am not done yet with the little man. I’m having a hard time getting started with his hair. I have two strands in the back of his head done.  All that’s left is his hair and his face. Oh, see Betsy without her jiggly eyes? Zombie for sure.

little man

And last today I wanted to show you a flower I made from Crochet Garden by Suzann Thompson. It’s not exactly like Suzann’s. I had a problem with the inner part of the flower, frogged it, and opted to just do a hdc stitch in the same amount of stitches needed to complete the outside petals. However, I love the look of Suzann’s flower and I just couldn’t get it to look like hers. User error. Also, somehow I managed to get one more petal than she did and I’m not quite sure how that happened.  I thought I followed directions. :o( But it turned out ok and I’m in love with it. I have her first book, Crochet Bouquet, and liked it. When I saw this flower on her blog I had to have the second book. There are definitely more of these in my future. :o) Maybe the next one I can get right huh? lol

crochet garden flower

I was laying in bed sometime during the night, I think it was the first time I was awake at quarter after 1, and remembered that I had not posted a pic of the afghan my grandparents made. (It’s funny the things you think of in the middle of the night when  you can’t sleep!) I made an attempt to find it but it wasn’t where I thought it was. I now think I know where it is for real but it means unloading a bunch of stuff out of my storage room to get to the box it’s in. Right now that isn’t happening. I do want to get it out to show you but I think it will have to wait until I can go through the rest of the stuff and get rid of a bunch of stuff. I apologize. I was also thinking that in that same box are some other afghans that my ex mother in law made , that I have in one of the plastic blanket bags with the zipper. I haven’t looked at them in a long time. I didn’t want them out with having dogs. Didn’t want dog hair to get in them. When Leo is gone I can bring them out again. Which by the way, he is hanging in there. He has his days, some good, some bad.

So that’s all that’s going on with me at the moment. I hope your hump day brings you joy and laughter! We are on the down side to the weekend. Cya soon!



  1. Betsy looks very cute - good idea with the eyes. You know, you could leave the man bald - just add a little ponytail and a bandana. That would be cute. :)

  2. I would've loved Betsy as a girl...

    Storms here (MN) as well, not to mention some really strong winds...


  3. That's an awesome idea Debi! I wonder if I can pull it off? :o)

  4. Oh I do like the ponytail bandana idea. Reminds me of my husband when he worked construction! mmm mmmm Ok enough of that. CUTE dolls. Gorgeous flower. I've been doing a little crocheting myself but I need to finish my trip. I think I'll get on it right now. SO much to do, so little time.

    CIndy Bee

  5. love Betsy...I recently was on You Tube and watched a video on wearing scarves that was really interesting on how there are so many ways to do so...the ponytail bandanna is a great idea,,,

  6. Betsy and your little mean are so cute!

    Love the Crochet Garden book, I'll have to check that out.

    So sad that poor sweet little Leo is having such a hard time with the storms. I hope you only get soft gentle rain in the future. Bless his little heart. :)

    Wishing you a most wonderful day and hugs to my pal Leo, too. :)

  7. Hey! Thanks for visiting! Just in reference to the comment you left - are you getting blue writing on a floral background or blue writing on white? If it is blue writing on white that is intended but if it is on floral then not...If you think it is still hard to see blue on white I might look into rejigging it. The whole site needs an overhaul anyway soon! Thanks! xxx


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