Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Love And Did You Know?

Happy Sunday!
Just wanted to send you some love today. We all could use a little extra love right? :o)
And did you know that crochet has made it's way into country. It's small but something you may or may not know. If you are a country music fan, which I am 40% country, 40% classic rock and 20% a mixture of other music, crochet is involved in one bands' almost every appearance, and a crochet amigurumi animal is in another's video.
Zac Brown of Zac Brown band always has a different crocheted cap/hat on. I noticed today on a clip of his on CMT that he had a cute blue and brown one on. I'm always checking out what he's wearing now since I have a love affair with hats. :o)  I like the band and their songs. I just wonder who it is that makes his hats. Just curious mind you. I think it's pretty cool. :o)
Taylor Swift's new video has a part where she's talking on the phone to someone and there on the bed  next to her is a cute amigurumi animal, it looks like a bear but I could be wrong. But how cool that our craft has made it's way into country music?
On the crochet front, I started a lapghan for someone for Christmas and was so stoked because it was flowing so smoothly and quick. Smoothly......yea, so I thought. I feel like a complete moron but I finished the 1st half of the second part of the pattern, Drop in the Pond by Elizabeth Ham, and held it up and discovered that I erred, somehow, how I don't know, but after the 1st row of the second part you would have thought that I would have noticed it. I am so ticked with myself that I am not and have not crocheted today. If you have been reading me you know that I love little projects and just struggle badly with big ones. The enthusiasm and energy I had for this one was being utilized quickly, that is, until I discovered my error.

So today has been a laundry, cookie making day. I baked some cookies for a back sale for a family going through a rough spot in life. I originally thought I would make some muffins. But then I opted for easy because I had planned on finishing the aforementioned project. Procurement of dough was had yesterday morning with the intention of baking today. Which happened.  And I was a good girl. I only had 4. 3 Peanut Butter and 1 Chocolate Chip.
It's also a rainy day in Georgia. We are receiving weather that's coming from Texas. It poured last night and guess what??? My venture on the tin roof was not for naught!! NO water pouring through my porch roof directly in front of the door. Hallelujah!! :o)  We are supposed to have rain for the next few days. Which is fine with me. We need it and the temp is moderate. And I think all of my hummingbirds have flown the coop. I haven't seen any in a few days. I'll keep my feeders up for a few weeks for the stragglers headed south.
I hope your weekend has been everything you wanted. Cya soon!



  1. I just noticed errors and my iPad won't let me fix them. :o( I'll have to fix them at work tomorrow.

  2. Awww Leo is so sweet, hugs to him. :)

    I think Taylor Swift is adorable, she's a positive influence for young girls. I hope they all want to learn to crochet now...and the other group, I haven't heard of them but anyone who wears crochet hats has got to be uber cool!

    Love your hat! Don't sweat the error in your afghan. I do that all the time. In fact, the knitted shrug I have been working on, I have re-knit is so many times until I probably could have two of them by now! I am going to have to crochet something soon though, my hook is starting to twitch. :)

    Hugs and blessings to you my dear friend and Leo, too. :)

  3. sounds like a real productive Sunday to me. Yeah I hate it when I have to rip and almost start over..seems like there is alot of that going around lately..oh well. I finished a doily (go figure) and that is about it..kind of have the blahs..have a good week. Blessings

  4. Sorry about the irritation with the afghan - maybe you can get back to it soon. I know it's always a pain to re-do something. I love the smiley face hat - it's cute. And Leo's cute too. Hope you have a good day. :)


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