Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can it be??

I'm posting! lol.

Oh life.....how it sometimes gets in your way of doing the little things that make you feel better. Sometimes I just want to get off of my merry-go-round to smell the flowers for a while. I sometimes feel 'cramped up' with life. Meaning that I just would like to shake off every aspect of my responsible life and run away for a while to play. And do NOTHING but play. My way.

Ok, ok....earth to me. That just can't be. But wouldn't it be sweet? I would just love to jump on my bike and take off and go where he leads me (my bike...he's a he). One of these days I am going to take the time to ride to Sturgis.

Yea, it's like every other bike event, even a lot of the same vendors. BUT, it's in a different part of the country. One that I have not seen before. One day.......

So, anyways, I am working on quite a few hooky things. I'm still working on Bella's blankie, slow but sure, and Gail's Purple Heart ghan, slow but sure. I have completed a lot of little stuff and put them in my DONE box. I am 98% done with Kylie's clown......oh man how awesome is that? I had a heck of a time putting him together and the only things left to do are to tack down the legs to the body and the arms to the body, so that the elastic doesn't show. I thought I had a pic of it on my camera to download and just realized that I don't!! Ugh.

I started another ghan for my daughter. It's only 20 panels big. I wanted to get rid of some left over Caron yarn and so now that most of that is gone I will more than likely have to go buy some more BECAUSE I can't finish it with non-softy yarn. LOL. But the panels work up quickly as they are done in DC. I found the pattern in one of my books in my pile of patterns. It's very simple. 35 in the foundation chain, dc in the 4th ch from the hook and then 31 dc in each row. 19 rows of DC and then a sc all the way around, 31 to a side. Then join the blocks with every other one having the rows in the opposite direction (first one with the rows horizontal, the next with the rows vertical, etc.).

It has been sooo hot here! When I go home all I want to do is suck up some a/c. That's where I'll be this afternoon when I hit the hacienda. I'm definitely looking forward to fall. :o)

I hope your day has been stupendous! (and cool)
Kat xoxo

PS/Whatcha think bout my heart hotpad? Isn't it cute? I've got several more in the works and in the head waiting to pop out! :o)


  1. Did you cross-stitch the heart on the potholder? If so, I'm jealous . . .I have cross-stitched for 30+ years and have never combined it with my crochet.

    You did a GREAT JOB!

    :0} paula

  2. Hey Paula - yep, the heart is cross stitched on. Thank you! Though looking at the pic it's off center from the sides. I guess I need to make sure my stitches are even or odd (whatever the case should be) for it to be center. You don't notice it when you see it in person but you sure can tell it in the pic huh? I've also done a large butterfly with a flower in purple background with ocean blue variegated butterfly and edging. That one was a booger. I plotted it on graph paper and then messed up the count on the actual potholder, so that when I finished one side and was going to the other I was off by one stitch!! I was so mad at myself. I thought I had counted correctly.


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