Saturday, July 24, 2010


Mr. Lick Lick just can't stand for me to sleep. He had me up at 6 and I went back to bed. I normally can't do that but my back has been killing me and I took a pain med last night. So I was able to lay back down for an hour this morning. Now the little booger is laying on the foot stool sleeping! Tis ok. I'm getting ready to get in the shower to get ready and leave.

I have been outside already and it's soooo humid and hot out there. The weather man said that today was going to be hot with a heat index of 108 to 113. I believe it. I need to remember to take my sun block. It's mighty hot on a bike, the heat of the road, the bike motor and the sun above. My nose always ends up fried when I forget. That hurts.

Have a wonderful day!
Kat xoxo

PS/Isn't that a beautiful hydrangea?


  1. Enjoy your ride! Too hot for me. I'll be here on the couch hookin'.

  2. hope you didn't get fried
    0} paula


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