Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrist Warmers

Happy Friday Eve!! This week has surprisingly gone pretty quick. Especially given the fact that I have not felt good at all. My back is a little better but I find that I am still in pain this morning. I went back to the doc yesterday and go again in the morning. I think this coming weekend will consist of staying at the hacienda and chillin. I am having company next weekend so I'll need to tidy up what I haven't been able to do. Let's hope that my back will let me and not rebel and act up on me. are the wrist warmers I have made so far. The blue ones were the first pair. These are made of Red Heart and with a G hook.

The fall looking ones - orange, chocolate and green were made with Caron yarn and an H hook. The picture doesn't do them justice. The orange is simply beautiful. I fell in love with the color. It has a yellow cast to it making the color seem flourescent in a way. And the chocolate and green with it is so much fall, isn't it?

The little purply and pink is a mock up for a child. I had my grand babies in mind. But I think it needs to be bigger. I did this with an F hook. I either need to go back to the G hook or increase the stitching a little more. I had cut the original pattern in half to make this. I guess I need to make the other one and send it to my daughter for Kylie and Bella to try on. Bella is 2, Kylie is 6. And the best thing is to have her measure each of their hands huh? lol. Right....I knew that the whole time.

I started last night on a striped pair of the purply, pink and a dark purple. I'm doing 3 rows to a color for the 33 rows. I'm 3/4 done with the first one and I love it! I probably could have finished it last night but Mr. Lick Lick had other ideas in mind. I think this full moon has him messed up. He has been on my butt to NOT crochet. He puts his face in between my hands and my face and does not give up until I pay him some attention. I was lucky to get done what I did last night.

He is still not liking the chair. I think for the time being, until I get a bigger chair so that we both can fit into, that I am going to let him get his way and I will put the loveseat back. At least if he's laying next to me I can get something done. And that's really all he wants. He's all about the touching. Misty and Pee were the same way. They always had to be touching you, even if it was one little piece of their tail or other part of their body - when they are laying down they need to be touching you. I think he's feeling pretty neglected since I brought the chair home. Soooo....that means I need to move all my stuff around again. Geeeeezzz. What we do for our fur babies huh???

Yesterday I found myself depressed about Pee. I miss him so much. I think about him a lot. He was the first of my JRT's. I have this video of the first day he came home. He was this fat little fur ball full of life and demanding even at that small age. sigh........

I hope your corner of the world is full of life today.
Kat xoxo


  1. I think you need to make Mr. Lick Lick some leg warmers . . .can't you just see him in them :0}



  2. Cute gloves, girlie. Aww...don't be depressed over your little Pee. I'm sure you gave him a wonderful life while he was here. I miss my departed pups too STILL.

  3. LOL.....Yes ma'am...Leo would look so cute in leg warmers. It would be even funnier watching him trying to take them off. But I can see his face now after putting them AW MOM...I don't deserve this!

    Thanks Pammy Sue! They are so quick to work up and I have a lot of color combo's I want to do them in. I was also thinking about hooking a little 'hood' for them and attaching with two buttons on the top of the hand and then just flipping the top over the hand. There are gloves out there like that, that the hood is attached permanently at the top of the hand. I'm sure you've seen them before?


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