Friday, April 22, 2011

Life Happens

Hi! Happy Friday!

I have been slammed here at work since I returned from 2 weeks off. That's the first time I have taken two weeks off. Normally it's a week at a time. Even though I had someone fill in for me I had things to take care of that weren't while I was gone. It's been pretty rough but now I am finally caught up. Thankfully.

I am still healing. The doc said it would be another month before I was totally healed inside. So that means I can't ride my bike for another month. With gas prices the way they are I want to start riding my bike. I get 40 mpg with the bike, anywhere from 26 -30 with the car and 11 mpg with my truck. Guess what sits? My poor truck. I go out about once a month to start it up or drive it to the store to keep the batteries charged. My bike is on a battery tender that keeps the battery charged up.

On the crochet front I have several wips that I am working on. Well a couple have fallen to the wayside but I'll pick them back up soon. I'm not done with the Jill bag, or the baby granny ripple blanky. Jen's tablecloth has taken a back seat. :o(  I started on a dress for the baby I've been making things for. I surprised myself. I didn't think I could do the yoke. Or I guess I should say that yokes always intimidated me. I've got the yoke done and am a third of the way through the skirt. My daughter has made me feel bad because she wants me to donate some hats to the hospitals for preemies. I started one last night with #10 thread, as I found a pattern using the thread. I got one done and am not happy with it. It's course......not soft. I won't be doing any more in thread. I will probably frog that one or give it my grand daughter Bella for one of her babies. So I am on a mission with making preemie hats.

Other than that not much is happening here in Mr. Lick Lick land. :o) I thought I was going to have trouble with Leo when I went back to work. But I actually think he was ready for me to go back to work. lol. I think I disrupted his 'daily routine' while I was home. And now he's back to normal.

I wish I had a doggy door in the doors so he could keep the squirrels away. They have destroyed my plants on the front porch. Some are totally gone!!! I am so mad. I have an astillbe that they keep eating when it gets about two inches in height. Forget my hosta....each time a shoot comes up it's gone and now I think they've destroyed the whole plant, it's not even attempting to come back up. My jade plants are gone. One of my aloe plants that a friend of mine got me a few years ago is gone. They haven't touched my christmas cactus or my spider plant. I had gotten a couple of japanese cherry sprigs from a tree close to work and root toned them. They are totally gone. I'm amazed because this is the first year in 11 living there that this is happening. Is it Ninja squirrels trying to take over??? Do they think that just because we both live in the woods that they can take whatever they want??? No dang respect I tell ya. I don't know what to do.

It's hot here already but I'm not complaining. I'll take hot any day over cold. The mosquitoes are bad already and we haven't even had much rain here. We are supposed to get some today....we'll see.

Well........I'm going to get back to work here now. I wanted to let you know I'm still's just that life is happening.  I hope your weekend is full of love and life.
PS/ This is my Christmas card from 2008 when Pee was still with us. I love this pic.


  1. Love the picture. It makes me smile :0}

  2. I love that picture too! I wish I had an excuse for killing my plants, but I don't have any rabbits or squirrels...just a brown thumb.

    TGIF! Have a good Easter weekend. We don't really do anything different than normal over Easter...same old sh*T.

  3. Great picture!

    As an option to save your plants, you could sprinkle cayenne pepper around them. It has kept the squirrels away from my plants the last couple years. It's worth a try! I even had to sprinkle it around mint with no ill effects. =)


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