Monday, April 25, 2011

What's On My Hooks

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Easter. I did. I went to a friend's son's house and had dinner with her family, as I do every year. This year I made a homemade carrot cake. Have you ever made one? This recipe that I found on called for 3 cups of shredded carrots. How hard is that....right?? Do you know how long it takes to shred 3 cups of carrots, or how many carrots that is?  Well...I can tell you this. NEVER again. It took me almost an hour and a half and 17 carrots. And some of my fingers and knuckles got shredded in the process. No extra meat in the recipe, I promise, but holy hands are beat up from that. And talk about rich. I left the cake there for everyone to take some home. I did not need to bring any of this back home with me. lol. It was good, but right now I don't need the temptation of sweet stuff like that to pack on any more pounds. :o)

So anyways.....I thought I would finally share some of what is on my hooks at the present.

I've used this pattern many times, although I have altered some of the stitches to suit myself. The current application above is done out of my Ocean #3 thread (which is actually two #10 threads together) and using a B or #2 hook. I think I will be making quite a few of these for Christmas presents. With the #2 hook they are turning out big enough for coasters. I have already started another one at home with #10 purple and #10 cream intertwined together. I love this pattern.

This is the baby dress I was telling you about. I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. The back where the buttons go is different than the pattern, but other than that it's straight according to pattern. I've picked out some pretty white buttons in the shape of hearts. I think I may border the neck and armholes with the shocking pink so that the hat and booties will match.

When my sister came to stay with me when I had my gall bladder out she brought me a 'project'. As if I don't have enough of my own right? :o) Well she was a little dismayed when her slipper didn't turn out to look like the one in the picture in the book. She got this 'kit' from Annie's Attic. It was the book, the yarn and I think the hook. She wanted to make these slippers for her granddaughter, my great niece, to wear at the dorm in college. I decided I would do the other slipper and see if mine turned out like hers, although hers is not done. She was concerned because the front of it didn't look anything like the one in the pic. So I am not that far with mine yet, just at the first round up from the sole. This is the first pattern I have worked with two yarns together. I've worked patterns with two #10 threads, but not yarn.

And finally......this is my miserable attempt at starting a doily of my own. I call this my 'purple mess'. :o) I will be frogging this.
May your day be everything you hope it to be.


  1. Wow, you've got a lot on your hooks right now. Just like me. Never just one thing at a time. What a comfort to find out someone else is like me. I have thought about making those slippers myself as they look so cute. Be sure and post how it works out, okay? I'm so glad you had such a lovely Easter and the cake sounds delicious. I'm sure everyone loved it and appreciated you making it from scratch -- except for the knuckle scrapes. :-(

  2. Many projects at one time..good for you. I can't do that, I get overwhelmed and nothing gets finished..Just found your blog. I am now a follower..

  3. Looks like a lot of fun stuff on the hooks. That crochet thread in the first picture is such a great color!

  4. Goodness, thats a lot of carrots! And I bet it was wonderful. Your crocheting projects are great! Can't wait to see them finished. And I think you have a pretty purple in the making, usually take a few times (or more) to get as you want, don't give up. Its very nice.

  5. Where did you get the pattern for the dress? I really like it a lot.

  6. I made a carrot cake from scratch time! It does take a lot of slicing and dicing. But after having cakes and cookies and muffins made from scratch, I don't care much for the box mix kind.

    Looks like you have a lot of fun projects going on. I decided I want to make some gifts this year and those slippers look like they'd be perfect. Only if they are easy though. I'm still new at the crochet thing.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Cindy Bee - The slippers are pretty easy. Maybe the hardest thing is the decreasing with 2dctog. If you can do that I think you'll be ok.

    Paula - I just sent you an email with the link for the baby dress. :o)

    Glor - What a hard thing to do...making doilies of your own. I know it's a math thing but I am too impatient and just sit there crocheting away. lol

    CrochetBlogger - That was thread that I bought at AC Moore that on the package it says it's #3 thread but is actually two #10 threads of different colors together. I love that color too.

    Bev - I am so glad that I'm not the only one too, to have more than one thing going on at a time. I get bored so easy. I just found out yesterday that the baby shower for all the baby stuff I have been making is not this Saturday but the next Saturday. So now I'm pushed to get the baby stuff done. I started with the granny ripple blanky wip. I really want to get that one done for the shower. If I don't get the dress done to go with the hat and booties that can wait until after the shower.

  8. hi busy blog hopping and found yours and it great.


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