Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frustration and Sadness

Hey guys......I'm here today but not with it. I haven't really crocheted a whole lot since I last posted. Between being in a 'funk' I've got two things going on that have me worried.

The first one is that one of my BG sisters' son was just diagnosed with HLH (Hemophagocylic syndrome lymphohistiocytoses). He went into a Savannah hospital May 18th and they just moved him to the Medical College Hospital in Augusta last week because they couldn't determine definitively here what was wrong with him. She has been by his side this whole time, not leaving the hospital for much at all. He's 23. They finally diagnosed him and started aggressive chemo and he has to have a bone marrow transplant. They are in for a rough time and have already had a rough time of it. 3 of us girls went to see them Saturday to help cheer them up and see if there wasn't something we could do.

I gave Johnny one of the little 'critters' that I made that were inspired from the Uglee doll donations. Remember this pic? I gave him the little green haired one.  He loves it. It's something he can throw against the wall when he gets frustrated.  That one out of the 3 was the most 'manly'.
And the other thing that has me very worried is one my co-workers who worked in this office with me for at least 10 years has gone missing.  He moved back to Louisiana a few months back because a)he wanted to be closer to his family (he had none here) and b)he could do his job out of his it was a no brainer. 

Late Thursday night/Friday very early morning he was on his way home from shooting pool with his brother. He failed to make a curve and wrecked his car (flipped it). He got out of the car, got in touch with his brother and told him he wrecked and said he was ok. His brother told him he'd be right there. When his brother got to the scene of the accident the police and ambulance were there but no Shane. It had only been 20 minutes since he had talked to him.  Shane is still missing.  Those of us in this office that were close to Shane and have known him for years are very worried. His family is frantic trying to find him. They are not sure if he actually did get injured, as in a head trauma and passed out somewhere or if there was some kind of foul play involved. They truly know nothing except that he called saying he was ok and then he vanished. They have set up a community page on Facebook - Help Find Shane Fell. If anyone reading this lives in Marrero or Harvey LA please if you can spare an hour, go help the family out looking for Shane. We just want him found, one way or another. The not knowing sux really bad.

It's very hard sitting here in Georgia while they are looking for him in Louisiana and we are helpless. My mind has been on Shane and Cin and Johnny. Please say a prayer for them all.  Thanks guys....cya soon.



  1. Prayers going out for all...and for you, too. My heart goes out to each and every one of you during these dark days. Blessings to you all.

  2. I'll keep you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thinking of you and your friends.

  4. Oh gosh Kat - I'm so sorry to hear all of this. PLlease keep us posted on both issues. Don't really know what to say, except just keep praying.

    Cindy Bee

  5. I'm so sorry - my best wishes for both families.

  6. Oh my --how terrible. Please keep us posted. I'll be praying.

  7. Sending kind, warm thoughts to you and the people in your life.

  8. I am so sorry to hear what you have going on. Johnny and Shane will be in my prayers. I pray that I read a post shortly from you that all is geting better, that Shane has been found and well. God bless all.

  9. Boy, that saying "when it rains it pours" is so true, isn't it? I pray everything turns out well for everyone. My goodness. I can't even imagine.


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