Friday, January 13, 2012

Dang Blogger And The Passing of a Blogger

Has anyone else had problems with blogger? All day I either can't see the post, it freezes, or I can't comment, it freezes. Is it just me???  I really need to get my other blog going that I started on wordpress. I just haven't had time. I'm just getting tired of blogger and not being able to see or comment, and all the other problems with it. :o(

By the way...I learned this morning from Tamara's blog that Molly Wilson of Crocheting My Best With My Worsted passed away a week ago today. So sad. If you didn't know her, she was a very nice lady. She had MS and for a long time was in a wheel chair. May she rest in peace.

(Sorry for no links to the two ladies blogs but Dang Blogger!)



  1. Thanks for the post on Molly. I have noticed this last year that her posts weren't as frequent as they were when I started blogging.

  2. It wasn't Molly, she has a post of from this week . . it was her mother.

  3. But, then again, it might have been Molly . . her last post was JUNE 11, not JAN 11 . . . sorry about all the messages.

  4. issues here...In the past , i have had some issues with commenting. I didnt know the crochet blogger spoke of.

  5. I have only had a problem when they changed it AGAIN!! I think I have it figured out..sort of..hope you get it fixed..didn't know the blogger you speak of.. Have a good one.

  6. Haven't had too many issues with Blogger, lately. (knock on wood) I reckon it's your turn in the barrel. ;)

  7. Seems a bit better yesterday but I actually gave up reading blogs yesterday and thursday. You could open bloggers home page but couldn't select specific pages. i would however say I would swap but I haven't found any other blogger site as user friendly.

  8. Yes, heard about Molly yesterday. So sad. And also yes, blogger is giving me problems. Last night I couldn't leave comments, everytime I tried it would freeze. This morning some I can and some I can't. I too would like to find another avenue but time is the thing. I can't follow other blogs nor see my followers from the blog. Frustrating. Oh well, have a great Sunday.

  9. I seem to have issues on a few blogs, some I can leave comments on, some I can not.

    Very sad about the lady who spoke of. I did not know about her blog, but she sounded like a very sweet person. Heaven has another angel now to show them all how to crochet. :)

    Blessings always


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