Monday, January 23, 2012

Posting on Blogger

I'm still having problems with some blogs and them either freezing up or not able to leave comments on them. If yours is one that I normally comment on but haven't in a while it's because of not being able to. It's too bad blogger doesn't mass email us or somehow contact us through our blogs so that we know there are known issues and fixes when there are problems like this.


  1. Mine sometimes is slow and freezes on me. Haven't had too many issues, lately. (knock on wood)

    I say put Leo on them. That'll really mess it up.

  2. There's my baby boy . . . he is just so cute!

  3. Mine did that once in awhile...If it asks for your password and ID...make sure you DONT check the box to remember id and passw.
    A techy friend told me this

  4. Uh oh - I think I did check that box to remember...I never have to put my password in...hmmmm....Cute little Leo. My dogs...geeeesh...I started trying to train them today. I am the boss around here! And they are gonna learn it!

    I have left some comments on some posts and they never showed up. Made me mad.

    Cindy Bee

  5. I get issues every now and then, too. I keep saying I am gonna switch to Word Press, but that would not help me when I visit everyone else who uses blogger. I guess I'll just hang in there and keep my crochet hooks crossed that blogger will fix whatever it is that is causing all this hoopla. :)

    Leo is so cute! He makes me want to give him a big ole' hug, since I can't, you'll have to do it for me. :)

    Wishing you both a wonderful day.

  6. Have you switched to Google Chrome? That will fix most, if not all, of your issues with Blogger.

    Cute pic of Leo! Ollie is home tonight. He seems to be doing okay.


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