Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Tara



Meet Tara, my new model. I bought her pretty reasonable and brought her home yesterday. I’m very happy to have her as part of my family now. Leo was a little apprehensive about her. And she actually scared me one time when I caught her out of the corner of my eye right after I got her home. I’m not used to some-one-thing being there with me and little Leo. 

The first order of business was to get some clothes on that woman! This dress is a dress that I wore back in 2001. I love that dress but as big as I am now there is no way I can fit into it so Tara can wear it for now. I actually will probably change her clothes soon because I need her to have form fitting clothes on so I can experiment with crocheted stuff (the blue dress actually takes away from the first hat too). And she willingly is going to model all of my crochet creations for me. How about that? ;O)  I kind of wore her out last night with our photo session of all the hats I have done so far. I took pics until my phone started using the flash because I was losing daylight. And I was surprised at how a lot of the hats’ colors in the pictures were not what they actually are.  The light was good so I don’t understand. But I’m not a photographer so, whatever.

The hat she has on is one that I made with some ILTY wool that caught my eye.  (We have a Hobby Lobby in Statesboro! It’s almost the same drive there as it is to Savannah from my house.) It’s actually a much more pleasant drive than the one to Savannah, and it probably is a few miles closer than going to AC Moore. Michaels and Joanne’s is actually the furthest from my house.

                                                            tara blue purple flap front

                                                            tara blue purple flap side

Next is a hat that I am allergic to. Seriously….I am allergic to the yarn I used to make it. And I’m bummed because I love the color!  It’s Bernat Alpaca and the color is Tomato. The pictures don’t do it justice but it’s a copper/rust color and it’s beautiful! But as soon as I started crocheting my eyes started itching and burning, my face itched and my sinus’ filled up. And so I would have to put it down for a while and go back to it. Also, as I crochet hats I try them on as I go. My head itched from putting it on to try it for fit. I was so glad to get it done.  I don’t know if it’s the Alpaca or some chemical they use in joining the Alpaca and acrylic to make the yarn. But I am definitely allergic to it. Other than the itch and burn from it, it crochets up very nicely. Has anyone else used this particular yarn? Did you have a problem with it too? I used the whole skein on this one hat so I could be done with it totally! I don’t like the rows of sc that I did on it but guess what? It’s staying!  I learned that you can’t do that…start with hdc and then do (I think 5) rows of sc and go back to hdc. It just doesn’t look right. Ya don’t know til ya try!

                                               tara tomato hat front

                                               tara tomato hat side

                                               tara tomato hat back

This next hat is one that I actually like really well. I think what I like about it is the colors I used and where I used them.  I think if I had used the light blue in the center with the purple outside of it I wouldn’t have liked this hat as well.

                                                tara blue granny front

                                                           tara blue granny back


Happy Friday eve ya’ll! The weather is nice here in the south. I hope it is where you are too! Cya soon!



  1. She looks nice - love that she has hair and a fixed up face. My Missy mannequin scares me with her blank white stare - so that's why I keep my sunglasses on her. :)

  2. such a nice model you have..I like your hats, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the one with the grany squares..beautiful. The weather has been great in southern Indiana also..have a great weekend.

  3. I love that your new "model" scared you! I do stuff like that all the time. I nearly jumped four feet off the ground when I caught the fake tree we put in our living room out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a person! Love the hats. I have not used the yarn that make you itch, but when I use regular wool, I try to itch my finger prints off, but if I use washable wool, I am ok. Not sure if that make any of that in a washable version, but try that if they do.

    Hugs to my pal Leo and hope you both have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings always

  4. What fun to get a model. Your hats are all very pretty. :-)

  5. OK gotta tell ya...I had a cardboard man back in the day. I was single, living in an upstairs apartment of a house. I had "Bill Board" in my bathroom by the shower, as he only had a towel around his waist. When my Dad walked in the bathroom, flipped on the light, he doubled up his fist and almost hit Bill!!! So I put him at the top of the stairs (inside) so if anyone came in the apartment they'd think someone was there!

    I love your hats. Too bad you're allergic to alpalca or whatever it is in that hat. It's really nice.

    check on my blog tomorrow to see who you will be trading valentines with!

    Cindy Bee

  6. Wow, all of these hats look really stunning! You really have a great sense of style.

    Too bad about the allergy to the yarn--it could also be the dye they used. I tend to have problems with angora rabbit.

    I like that you named her Tara. My friend has a couple of dress forms and she named them, too. :)



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