Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Wash Cloth

My teal #3 that took a bath in coffee?  It's strange that when you are crocheting with it you really can't tell where it got splashed with coffee, but on the roll it's very noticeable. Oh well. :o)

This is the same stitch as the other one (brown one in previous post) only it's crocheted in the back loop. I had done one for my son-in-law stitched like this and he loved it. The stitch definition was more tell tale on his because I used antique white and red and it stood out more. But I like this one too.  I think my next one will be the same stitches but in the front loop. That ought to be interesting huh?

I went to the doc yesterday.  I have blood in my urine. Nice huh? He asked was I spotting? I laughed at no doc...I haven't had a period since I was 24 years old. I forgave him that though.......he'd been on call at the hospital the night before and it wasn't a good night for him. He's doing more blood work as I told him about my last results of bloodwork with my tsh and vitamin d bottoming out. I go back in a week for this blood test.  He also gave me some Lunesta to sleep, which let me sleep a little bit more, I still woke up a bunch of times though. And he gave me some Maxalt for the whopper headaches. That's actually for migraines and he'd prescribed it to me before. This is some good stuff.

I also went to the back doc today. In a week or so I get the pleasure of getting an epidural. I have to find someone to pick me up from home, take me to get it done, then drive me home. I'm looking forward to being pain free (we'll see how long it lasts) but not the procedure itself. I guess I'll need to juice up my Zen. I forgot to ask how long of a procedure it is. I guess I'll ask when they call me to set it up.

Anyways....I'm off from work tomorrow. It's my birthday. I'm really bummed about it though because this is the first birthday without my dad and I'll really miss his call. The faucet has been turned on for 2 days already just thinking of it. Can't help it. And it's supposed to be rainy and cold tomorrow......lovely. It'll match my mood. I guess I and Mr. Lick Lick will be piled up on the couch under some blankeys - me crocheting and him snoozin away. At least he'll be a happy camper to have his momma home an extra day.

I hope your Friday and weekend will be all you dreamed it could and should be!


  1. Yikes! I hope you get to feeling better, soon. Try to enjoy your day off!

  2. Kat ~ I had lots of epidural steroid shots for my back. It's really not bad at all! I'm not bothered by regular shots in my arm or in my ass, and I think the ass ones are more painful than the epidural shots were.

    You didn't say whether you were getting steroid injections or what, but I just thought I'd let you know what my experiences were like to ease your mind. (Some of the shots helped a lot with the leg pain for weeks and some of them didn't. You'll just have to wait and see if it's the same steroid shots I got.)

    Love the teal washcloth. Is that thread?

  3. Whennever I elave you a message it seems like I always end up beside the "COnfessions of a (Closet) Mastr Baker. It always catches me off guard and I end up laughing at myself.

    May I be th 1st to wish you a Happy Birthday. You and Leo desrve some snuggle time tomorrow :0}

  4. these are very nice what stitch are you using it is very pretty

  5. Hi there - saw your comment on Pammy Sue's blog when I went back to check what everyone was cooking for supper. I needed ideas. So, I'm thinking maybe if you cooked a small meal for supper and cut out the evening coffee you MIGHT sleep better. Just sayin'...I don't know how old you are, but I'm 52 and found my sleep patterns are not good and there is no rhyme or reason. Some nights are good, some aren't.

    Glad you gave up Wal-Mart. I can't like that store!

    I hope your health problems get taken care of quickly.

    And lastly, I think everyone would LOVE to get hand-made wash cloths. Where do you buy your cotton yarn? Don't say Wal-Mart!

    Cindy Bee

  6. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* and I hope you get yourself a big ol cake and some yummy ice cream.

    Teresa from Corbett, Oregon


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