Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I think I'm a train wreck!!

Ok....last night I'm sitting there trying to workout how I'm going to do my daughter's tablecloth. I know the colors, I know the motif, I just had to sit down, draw out how I want it shaped and the color scheme. So I get some graph paper, sit down and put my large cup of freshly heated up coffee on the bookshelf and start drawing out how I want it to be.

Well the first two I messed up because I was using a pen and drew the hexies wrong. Stupid....find a pencil so that you can erase! I did. So I get started on the third and really need to find a solid surface to put under the paper because that just isn't working out...the paper is rounded on the arm of the love seat. ( of my crochet books from the bookshelf!) Grabbed a crochet book. Don't ya know.....that particular crochet book was holding up all the other crochet books on my shelf. Don't ya also large cup of freshly heated up coffee was not 4 inches from said crochet books. What do you think happened??? CRAP!!

I am the biggest klutz and I haven't had a serious case of the klutz attacks in a while. I should have friggin known better. I'm such an ijit. I am so mad at myself. I don't just drink regular cups of coffee...mine are like 3 times the regular size.

Damn coffee went everywhere!! I now have 3 balls of #3 thread - my beautiful teal, purple and cinnamon got splashed really good. The white and red were salvagable. Leo got a huge coffee buzz. He, like Pammy Sue's Eli, got down there to help me clean up and started slurpping coffee. He loved it!! I had to push him out of the way to clean it up. I put the 3 balls that were splashed bad in the sink and tried to douse them in cold water. I put them by my heater handler to suck up the moisture. I don't know how they're going to be when I get home.  I think I'm going to have coffee tainted teal, purple and cinnamon thread. :o(

Note to self.......DO NOT put your freshly heated large cup of coffee anywhere where you can spill it all over your crochet stuff!!! Sheeesh. :o(  Ohhhh I would have committed hairy kairy if I had spilt it on something that took me a long time to do, like in white.

I hope your little piece of the world is warmy today and please take my advice and watch where you put your coffee. You'll save yourself some grief, unlike someone we know. :o)


  1. Oh dear. I did that the other day with a can of Diet Pepsi. I soaked my yarn good too and it did come out but scared the beegees out of me. I hope it comes out of yours too.

  2. I think maybe we're related, separated at birth maybe? Sounds like a day I have every once in a while (sometimes too often), just can't seem to get out of my own way and everything/one elses. Biggest mugs I can find are the best. Hope the threads dry ok, I'm a thread addict, I'd be having a fit!

  3. Idea for cleaning thread . . if it is still stained . . . spray like crazy with SHOUT . . . or even soak it in SHOUT . . . then place in a knee high hose . . . (I haven't wornhose since I retired but I keep knee high's to use as "lint filters" for the washer) . . . knotthe knee highs and wash in cold water . . . place in dryer and dry.

    Now, if they were stained to begin with and come out all tangled up . . Oh Well. But, if they come out clean . . enjoy them. I just hate it when I mess up my thread/yarn. It irritates me like I can tell you are.

  4. Poor you! Better luck next time. I think we all do it now and again especially when we are focusing on something else. Can't wait to see how the tablecloth unfolds. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog!


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