Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Georgia Weather

I guess I can't b*tch too much about our weather because at least we get all 4 seasons. And we are not inundated with snow all winter season.......but enuff is enuff already!!! lol. 

Yesterday that storm went through and it was very cold and rainy all day. They cautioned all day about freezing roadways and bridges and the possibility of snow and freezing rain.  I was happy to slide out of work a few minutes early yesterday and head home hoping that I had electric when I got there and that Leo was all snuggly comfy cozy warmy. Of course all he would have to do to keep warm is nuzzle underneath the covers. I got about 5 miles from home and all of a sudden noticed the trees covered in ice. Talk about beautiful, but very treacherous to be driving underneath them. I pulled my camera out to take a pic and I had a dead battery. :o(

My road had quite a few branches that had popped off of the trees under the ice weight that had accumulated on them.  I got worried then because I live on a piece of property that is fully wooded except for the part I live on and even that has a bunch of trees on it....pines, oak and sweet gum. And hanging over the driveway is a rather large live oak that I am expecting one day to fall over it and block my way out or in. (I can't cut it...it's a beautiful tree!! See it below??) Well I made it to the house and was pleased to walk in to a warmy house with the electric still on. But it wasn't long before I heard a boom on the roof. One of the branches had popped off of the oak out back.  Oh well, at least it wasn't large enough to come through the roof.

Then they were cautioning about black ice this morning. I made it in to work ok although I was hesitant and cautious the whole way. The temp was below 32 so I'm sure there was some somewhere but I managed to miss it!!

South Georgia is not equipped for winter weather in the form of snow or ice on the roads. If it snows then life will stop because it's too hazardous to be out driving. People don't have a clue how to drive in it here. And we don't have snow plows or salt trucks. I know if it snows like the pic below that I am not going anywhere. My butt is staying right at the house. That pic was taken in February of last year. I got 3 inches that night at the house. That's the first time I've had snow here. I went to sleep that night looking out my window watching it come down until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore......like a little kid. lol.

I am ready for spring. Bring it on!!! I want skies that look like this:

I'm sucking at hooky goodness. I think I'm in a slump right now. I have been on the search for a motif to make my daughter a table cloth for next Christmas. I think I found one last night. I've been going through all of my printed patterns (gazillions!). I found an easy hexagon that's kind of pretty and easy.  I think I'm going to do pale orange and bronze hexies with a kind of sage green in between them to join, in a #3 thread with a #2 hook. I made an orange one last night and I'm liking it. But my hand started hurting toward the end of it.  The hex is from a Lion Brand pattern called Crochet Shapes Table Runner - Pattern 60667AD.  There are 7 different shapes that make up this table cloth.  I'll see how they work together in color. If I like them I'll have to order some more thread, I only have one ball/roll of each color. Her kitchen is yellow and I thought these colors would look good on her round wood kitchen table. That's my plan and I hope I can stick to it. lol.

Ok...I've chewed your ear enuff this morning. Here's to a wonderful, warm, fuzzy day for all of us in bloggy land!

PS/I know what I forgot in my long winded post the other day. I cut my hair while on vacation. It was in my butt and it's now above my shoulders. I LOVE IT!! :o) Now if I can lose about 30 pounds I would be a very happy camper!!


  1. Tell me you donated your hair to Locks for Love . . or something similar? I'll bet your head feels lighter . . . and washing your hair is different . . :0}

    I like the table cloth . . . which hex are you talking about, the large one that is more "crochet-y" or the smaller one that is more solid?

    I LOVE working with #3 thread . . the colors and texture are so pretty :}

  2. I bet you feel like whole new person with the haircut. My daughter has very long hair and is thinking about doing the very same as you. I noticed the trees in your photo today. We lost a lot of ours this year due to the weather that has been up and down in temperature and then the winds have been bad too.


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