Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink & Blue

Yesterday was a very stormy day here in GA. We actually had hail.

I was sitting crocheting with the door open because it was a very nice 72 degrees outside. It started storming and on my tin roof I heard some very loud pings, I guess you'd call them. Went outside and there was hail coming down. I went and grabbed my phone to video it. (Now I just need to figure out how to get the video to my email). Anyways, after two separate sessions of videotaping hail and storm I went back inside to crochet some more. I came back out on the porch about 30 minutes later and the temperature had dropped 10 degrees. We are back down in the 40's with a high of only 60 something today (I'm not complaining too much). And more rain. Which we needed badly.

I managed to crochet a hat and booties yesterday. I used the patterns from the current Crochet-World for the BasketWeave set. The hat is pretty much to pattern except for colors & the flower. Theirs had quite a few flowers. I opted for one flower taken out of my Bouquet book that I recently bought.  And I wanted to use a heart button for the center of the flower but opted for the Blue Bee button.

The booties started off ok in Round 1 but I think there is a mistake in R2 (I need to email them). So I went with my own interpretation of what it should have been after round 1. And I didn't use the last two rounds. I made my own up. I wrote it all down this time but forgot to bring it with me this morning. I have had trouble in the past with bootie patterns but I like this one really well. I actually messed up the first bootie a little and then wrote down what I did as I went along on the second bootie and discovered why I messed up. But you really can't tell it.

I chained 90 each for the ties but I think I want to try to find some ribbon to match the pink for the ties. And maybe as a band around the hat too. The colors are shocking pink and turqua. I like that combination together. I think it says daring and bold. Do you think they are too bold for a baby hat and booties? Definitely different.
Happy Monday! I hope it's not stormy in your little slice of the world today.


  1. I think they are perfect!

  2. I think they will look nice on a baby. Might look nice with a white dressed trimmed in those colors.

  3. Very cute set - I like those colors together. :)

  4. Wow - that pink is something I would never pick myself but you've totally made it work with the turqua! Great work.

  5. Pop over to this post and have a look around :-)

  6. everything is so cute I love it here, Tink

  7. I love the hat and booties. Bold, bright, beautiful! Thank you so much for your comments and offer of care package. I will get in touch when I have an address (probably sometime in June). Your thoughtfulness and caring is deeply appreciated. Blessings and thanks.


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