Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Friday GiveAway!

Happy Friday!!! I am so glad it's Friday. Another week from hell here at work. Nothing is ever easy anymore is it?

Well one thing that's easy today is that I am having my very first give away! I should have had it way before now but you know the old saying - 'Better late than never'. :o)

AND I am giving away two items today to two lucky people! The first one - I am giving away my 'itty bitty animals' book. This book is all about crocheting small animals with #10 thread. There are 15 patterns.

The second one - 'Crochet blocks in a box'.  This is unique. There are patterns for 50 blocks in this box. It was a bargain for me so I want to pass along the bargain to you! :o)

All you have to do is be a follower and leave me a comment. How easy is that?  I will pick the lucky winners Monday or Tuesday with the random number generator and announce them on my next post. Good luck and Happy Friday! :o)

I hope your weekend is safe and wonderful and everything you wish it to be! Cya soon.


  1. Hey thanks for the chance to win a crochet book!

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Please include me in the drawing for the squares box. Thanks!

  3. You can count me in for the Blocks in a Box. I don't like making little animals so someone else can enjoy that one...and I'm sure they will.

    We woke up to cooler weather today. I have the doors open and there's a cool breeze blowing thru the house. LOVE IT! Hopefully it will come your way if it's not there already!

  4. Good morning..please enter me in your give away..I have tried to post I think this is the 3rd time..Yes, I have tried Ebay and book went on ebay yesterday and it is up to 50.00 already 5 days to go..that is just way too much for any pattern book..crazy. I would love to win the animal pattern book if we have a choice..thanks

  5. Great books! Thanks for sharing with us! I'd love to win one. ;-) Thanks for the chance to win!


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