Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Things

Hi! I have been so swamped and busy lately. There is just not enough hours in the day sometimes. Work has been very busy. That's a good thing though. I'm very thankful to have a job.

Crochet wise I've just been doing little things. Madge has a good sized wardrobe for now. And a thought just hit me...I wonder if I could crochet her a suitcase for all of the clothes I've made her.  Hmmm. :o) So I've been working out of my scraps bowl to make her clothes and what not. I'm trying to bust some of it and I'm getting there. I didn't realize my bowl was running over with scraps until I went to clean out my corner.

I also started a door draft snake for my sister with scraps and ya know what? What I thought would be a relatively easy project is not really that easy. When you start getting so big with it it's hard to crochet in the round because you have to kind of hold it up to crochet and your hands and arms get tired. I can only work on it so long before I have to put it down. I didn't get any pics of it yet. I'm not really liking it and I told her I would make her two. :o( lol. It's turned out to be one of the most awkward things I've ever crocheted.

This is my 'Fall Guy' (with long hair). He is made totally out of scraps too. I should have made his arms and hands out of either the green or orange. They're hard to see.

Last night I made another key chain fob (is that what they're called??). This one is a tad bigger than the last one. I crocheted 16 sc across and 16 rows. Then I edged it with sc and fastened off. Then I started crocheting a flower in the center of it. I like how it turned out. Then I chained 20 or 25 in maroon and came back down the chain with slip stitches and when I got to the end I went right into sc's on the edge and went all the way around and tied it all together when I got back to the slip stitched part. This is the end result:
Last week I was outside watering plants and I felt something fall on the top of my foot. I looked down and this cute little caterpillar was on me. So I brushed him off with my other foot and all of a sudden the top of my foot started stinging where he had been. It continually got worse. So I took a pic of it with my phone and posted it to facebook asking if anyone knew what it was. No one did. I googled 'stinging caterpillar' and this is what came up - saddleback caterpillar - (or packsaddle) with a pic of the same caterpillar that had stung me. Apparently I'm not as bad as others are with the adverse reactions to this cute furry little creature. Apparently some people get very ill.  And just yesterday my older sister posted that her husband had gotten stung twice by one and she asked him what did it look like and it was the same kind of caterpillar that stung him. I've never seen one before this year but they are throughout the eastern seaboard all the way up to Massachusetts according to a couple of the articles I read. Who would have thought it??
Fall has fell. lol. It feels sooo good! And we are getting glorious rain today. We need it so bad. Not as bad as Texas but we still need it. I'm not ready for the cold but it's been nice to be able to open doors and windows and let the fresh air in.

I hope your day is wonderful and full of love and laughs. Cya soon!


  1. Hiya, Kat. Yes, fall has fell. It does feel wonderful. Can't wait for it to fall harder. Ha-ha. Good to hear from you and that you are doing well. Crochet on.

  2. I just love all the cute little things you are crocheting.

    And I've never heard of that type of caterpillar before. From the picture, it looks like you crocheted him a little green coat! Mean 'pillar...mean mean.

    Cindy Bee

  3. I LOVE your Fall guy. Your crocheting is so perfect. What lovely things you make ... the fob is beautiful, what a treasure that would be for someone. Nothing like handmade and from the heart. What an odd little caterpillar. Please keep him there ... lol. Have a wonderful evening, blessings.

  4. I think a suitcase whould be easy. Something like the picnic basket susetheslowknitta made for our Itsy Swap.

    I would suggest you find a tin about the size you want the suitcase to be. Then crochet a simple sc bottom and sides. Cconnext the bottom pieces.

    Make a top the same way.. . But, connect the back of the lid to the bottom in a couple of places . . . so it will open like a suitcase.

    Oh, on the front part of the stitched top, make a space for a button hole.

    Finish up with a handle or straps . . .I think it would be easy.

    Only real suggestion is putting something in the bottom for shape . . . Oh, might want to whip stitch some fabric to the bottom to hide the tim.

    LOVE Mr Fall . . . he is my kind of project.

    I, like you, have been cleaning the "scrap box" only mine is a "scrap drawer." I bought some crochetthread on eBay . . odds and ends from someone cleaning out a relatives home. So, I had a bunch of partial balls. I have been m ixing andd matching the colors to make dishcloths for Christmas presents.

  5. I am thinkin Madge is one lucky woman. Shes hot.
    Ewwww...that worm is gross though

  6. Fajne lale , a co do włosów to zaglądnij tutaj :
    Pozdrowienia z Polski

  7. Fall fell. Only yesterday when I decided we move the chicken tractor the sun came out and it got hot real quick. We had a cold snap but are back into the 80's for now. Soon, I'm afraid, I'll be whining about freezing. ;)


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