Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend Friday!

I walked out the door this morning to come to work and what do you know? It was 69 degrees!! Oh feels soooo good. I know that's a sign of things to come but I will take it one day at a time, thank you very much. lol.

Well I made it back. I finished the hat I made for Holly (my lovely co-worker who helps me out when I need her to). I have to tell you though, that this is the FIRST piece of crochet that I have done FPD.  For some reason it always intimidated me and I didn't realize the pattern that I had printed out used that stitching. I didn't read the pattern, I liked the way the hat looked and printed it out. Which by the way came from Crochet Princess blog. Thank you Beth!
Holly wanted a dark blue hat. When I went home I found a couple of different darker blue skeins in my softee box. One was a variegated skein that I won from Paula back a while ago that I put in my box. I actually won 2 skeins and had made another hat with the other's in this post. So here are the specifics:
Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, color is Denim Ombre, it's Bulky 100% Acrylic, and the skein was 2.8 oz/134 yards.  I used the whole skein and didn't totally finish the pattern. Round 16 was done in hdc & round 17 was done in sc, then fastened off.  I think she will like it.  (Holly if you are reading this it's on your chair in your office :o) With a card and a note inside saying 'Happy Baby Bump!")  She told me a secret one else from work reads my blog so it's safe for me to tell here. Yay Holly, Keaton & Emily!!!  Emily's wish of a baby will soon be coming true. She'll have her very own baby brother (hopefully) or sister. I will be making booties soon......that's a given, just won't know what color for a bit. :o)

So back to the FPD....I got baby sidetracked. I can tell you that Front Post Doubles are not my favorite stitch to do but I now might try other patterns with it in there. This particular pattern calls for every other row consisting of fpd then regular dc every other stitch. You have to be paying close attention to what you are doing and not paying attention to what's on the tv. :oI  I discovered, well after the fact, that on my first row like this that I had placed two FPD's side by side, instead of the FPD then dc then FPD.  It was too late, I was not going to frog it. Sorry's not perfect. :o) It's pretty though! lol.

Please excuse my pics. The lighting is again crap even though it's under flourescents. The first hat pic did not show the colors good so I took a couple more with me modeling.......they still don't show the stitch definition like Beth's pics do on her blog.

I'm also sending my grandbabies cards with little somethings in them today. I do it every so often & I love doing that. It's so they don't forget that granny loves them very much. :o)  I'm also sending Jen that red, white and blue doily that I did a while back.
Ok ya'll......have a great weekend. I wish rain for Texas, I've done another rain dance for you Pammy Sue.....I hope it works. I wish quick and speedy recoveries for those affected by Irene...I feel for them. And I wish everyone else answers to what they have in their wish bags at the present. Lots of love in the least. Cya soon!


  1. The hat looks very nice - thanks for sharing the link. :)

  2. Nice hat. I have a FAVORITE baby sock pattern that you might like. I make it instead of booties so they stay on. If you want it, let me know . . and it has FPD and BPD for the cuff . . but I have faith in you that you can handle it.

  3. hello!
    Sorry, but I found this work surfing the internet, it was not me who did.
    Sorry for not being able to help. Check back often


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