Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Venture For Me

Happy Friday Eve!

I am not one to fall too easily into weight loss deals......Weight Watchers, etc. But I am sooo tired of all this weight I have gained since I quit smoking two years ago. I am not happy with myself at all. I'm tired of being fat. There....I said it......fat.

I freely admit it. I wear fat clothes to cover it up. A lot of people that know me say 'You're not fat, you're tall.' Well, yes, I am tall. But I am very good at covering up what is disgusting when I look in the mirror. I have gained 35 pounds in 2 years.  I am over 5'8". I won't tell you my weight but trust me, I am 35 pounds overweight for my height.

My age has something to do with it also. My body a while back started that middle age spread and my metabolism has slowed down a lot.  As well as I have a desk job so I don't get much exercise during the day. Then I go home, sit and crochet while listening to the news, go to bed 7ish to get up at 4ish. It's a vicious cycle.

Another factor is that I LOVE to eat. I love food. Always have since I was a kid. I am weak when it comes to food.  I was talking to my youngest sister last night and she's the same way. If bread is sitting there staring at you, you have to butter it up and pop it in your mouth. She does a lot of eating out so the bread is her biggest thing. She's been doing Weight Watchers again, and had started working out while her husband was gone for a month, but now that he's back she quit working out and going out to eat a lot. We are weak.

So I came across this Body By Vi. It's a 90 day challenge and it's shakes that you drink. I was really skeptical (as I am about a lot of stuff like this) but I actually know someone through someone that knows quite a few people in this area that have lost a lot of weight with this product.  And I know...if you take the weight off fast, chances are you will put it back on just as quick with added weight to boot. 

But here's my thing - I have been hovering at the weight I am now for quite a while. I don't eat a lot and fluctuate + or - 2 pounds. (as long as I don't a whole pie, a whole cake in a few days) I've actually resisted doing that for about 9 months now.  IF I can lose the weight I want to lose and keep on the path I am currently with my eating habits, then I should be able to maintain my weight once it's gone. PLUS I have the wingflyer that I've been riding every day to get exercise. Which by the way is working out pretty good. I am getting better at making it around the building without my legs, knees and butt muscles screaming. Actually the butt muscles aren't bothering me now. I'm working up to taking it around to the other side of the lake and back by the end of this new venture.

I'm going to take the 90 day challenge and try to lose some weight.  Wish me luck huh? I really, really, really want to be able to wear the 90% of clothes in my closet that are just sitting there because I'm too fat. I'm tired of wearing fat clothes. I want to look good for my 54 years of age and I'm not going into this blind. I've been around the block a time or two, this isn't my first rodeo. I'm looking forward to a slimmer, trimmer me. :o)

On the crochet front - I'm working on a hat for someone here at work that helps me out when I need her. She saw a pattern yesterday, that I had printed out, on my desk and asked if I would make her one. It's half done. I also started to make a chair for Madge to sit on. I had seen a pattern for chairs somewhere in my blog travels and didn't print out the pattern so I started my own and used the hard cardboard insert for #3 thread for inside the bottom of the chair. It was very interesting crocheting the closed up top with the decreases down to the middle of it to fasten it off. It's kind of pooched down a little bit but I figure I can make a small pillow to sit in it to even it out. Madge is still sitting there looking at me without a face. It'll come together soon. :o)

I hope to have more pics to post tomorrow but if I don't I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Cya soon!

PS/I couldn't remember if I have posted the owl pic or not before. I spotted him in my backyard one weekend not long ago. I made a fool out of myself and was eaten alive by skeeters trying to get some really good pics of him.  He's gorgeous isn't he? I haven't seen him since but I've heard him. Leo could be his dinner!  He's huge. And a beautiful creature.  This is one of the many joys of living in the woods.


  1. When you wrote that your friends say "you're not fat, you're tall" it totally reminded me of when my brother and I went to a no-kill shelter years ago to get a cat for my sister and we weren't going to choose a certain one because it was long-haired and the guy there told us "she's not long-haired, she's just fat". Hm. Apples and oranges.

    Anyway, I think it's tough for some of us to admit that we struggle with our weight because we may not be what others see as "fat" and there's all sorts of socio-cultural things that come into play. It's something I've struggled with, too, as I've gained some weight over the years by being more sedentary as my metabolism slows. So kudos to you for bringing that struggle out in the open and best of luck in making it work to achieve the goals that will make you feel good.

  2. Love the pink!! Good luck with the weight thing..I too have been struggling with it..walk, walk and more walking isn't doing it for let me know how it works for you..good luck with it.

  3. I think a lot of us over 40 something, when we hear "big spread" we don't think of land in Texas anymore, we think of other places on our bodies. Of course there are many who can eat half a cow and never gain an ounce...I can look at a cow and gain 16 ounces! Good luck to you on loosing weight. You have a great attitude towards it so I know you will be able to "pull it off" and yes, the pun was intended. :)

  4. Well, I wish I could swap with ya. I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I eat anything and as much as I want. Gain 5 -10 lbs. The next couple days it's gone.
    Anyway, the chicken ladder does have rungs for Morticia to climb on. It just looked steep for her size.

  5. I hear ya on the middle age weight...I hate it!!!
    Hang in there . You can do it.
    BTW...Who is Madge

  6. Hey Kat - I am so with you on the weight thing. I just started eating healthy - again - for the nth time - on Tuesday. Your story could be mine. 53, I'm pre-menopausal, same old same old...HOpefully we can both stick with it and lose it this time. I just want to feel better too.

    LOVE that owl pic.

    Cindy Bee


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