Saturday, March 3, 2012

On The Hunt

As I sit here with my door open listening to the rain I am contemplating a baby blanky. Among my other wip's I was reminded this morning of a little one coming into the world soon.

It is raining pretty hard here at the moment and lightening struck not long ago not far away and the Mr. came bounding off the bed to me. He is standing next to me just listening and looking around. He heard that. So his hearing may not be as bad as I thought, although that is an extreme sound.

I have had the weather channel on all morning and I am so saddened by all of the destruction and loss of life resulting from tornadoes. Right now is a line of storms from the tail end of this storm system coming through. There are tonado warnings in sw GA and the panhandle of FL, the storms are marching this way. I was out on the porch earlier right before the rain started and looking to the west (where the storm is coming from) I realized that I wouldn't know one was coming, until a tornado got right on top of me. Living in the woods does have it's disadvantages and that's one of them. I try not to think of it but it's hard not to when I sit here watching the weather channel. Anyways, my heart goes out to those affected by the storms. Once this system goes through it's supposed to get cold again!! 30's!!!! I can't believe it. Such a weird winter we've had.

So, back to the hunt! I have these colors and don't know what kind of blanky I want to do. Any suggestions? :o)

Of course my iPad didn't capture the true vibrance of these colors. This is Bella DK. Soooo softy. I have 3 of each color, almost 1800 yds of vibrance. I guess I'm going to do some looking through all of my books to see if I can see something that catches my eye.

I hope my northern/midwestern/southern bloggy friends are safe and sound from the mayhem. Bless those who didn't have and prayers to those that had losses. Cya soon.



  1. How about a granny stripe? Or a big granny square?

    Stay safe. :)

  2. Keep staying safe!

    I just love those blue colors. What a pretty combination! I was thinking a stripey ripple could be nice, but I like Debi's idea, too. Those granny stripes are always so fun, I just always forget to try it. ;-)

  3. My sis in southern
    indiana is safe.
    I feel bad for those peeps,as well.

    love the blanket colors

  4. Somebody used colors like those to do a checkerboard affect (or is it effect) baby blanket. It was one of the cutest things I have seen.

  5. Is it normal to have tornadoes in early March? Is there anything normal anymore?

    I can't offer much on the blanky. I can't knit, but I tried crocheting forty years ago. Ripple was all I could do. Which WOULD look nice. Especially if you snuck in a tiny row of purple.

  6. Whatever pattern you use will be perfect for these colors. What about Southwest Passage by Jean Leiderman (sp?). I love that one. If you have trouble finding it, email me at


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