Monday, March 12, 2012

Sneak, Snakes & Yummy

What a combination huh? Happy Monday y'all!

I will start with a sneak currently on my hook:

Now for the snakes. These guys give me the shivers. They are huge. And scary. Ones just like these reside in this state, in the woods, maybe even my woods! I've seen with my own eyes big ones here, just up the road from me. Another story...maybe I already told it early on in my bloggy days.  

It was a tad chilly Saturday morning. There were two sides of this exhibit and the other side was in the shade and those snakes didn't do a lot. But the ones in the sun were quite active. There was one determined that he was going to get out of that cage. It isn't the big one I'm about to show you. As you can see by the sign on his cage he is nothing to play around with. I didn't stick around for the show. Should have but I had things I wanted to get done Saturday and this place was about an hour from home. I didn't even eat any rattlesnake. :o(

I went mainly to check out the vendors, of which there was only one crochet vendor. She was a sweet little older lady. She had a lot of smaller dolls with crocheted clothes and larger crocheted dolls, some hats, cowls and blankets. I went early so a lot of vendors were still setting up. I did come away with a couple of towels, one that I bought because it gave me an idea that I will be using in my crochet. And I also bought a Going Green Lantern that is going on my porch. I don't have anywhere to hang it in the house. The one I bought is etched with a hummingbird on it. Great idea. I can't wait to use it.

Yesterday I raked my back yard. Bout killed me! lol. But before I did I made sure to get myself plenty of energy. I made a concoction of ready made pie crust, spoon slathered with Nutella, sprinkled with cinnamon and then rolled up and cut into pieces. I baked them about 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. OMG. I ate the whole pan. I kid you not. So I thought I best get my butt outside and do some serious work because I know that whole thing went to my backside. Good thing I only had one crust and not two! I call them CinNutella Yummies. Warning: these are not for dieters, and you will eat the whole panfull if you are as weak as I. I love Nutella!!

And that, my bloggy friends, is what my weekend consisted of. All in all it was a good weekend. I got a lot accomplished. I know one thing, this time change is also kicking my butt. I feel like I haven't slept and could easily lay down and take a nappy. I wish they would just leave the time alone and let it be au-naturale year round.

I hope your week will be full of smiles and love. Cya soon!


  1. Here are two of my favorite treats from growing up . . your CInNUtella reminded me of the 1st: eft over pie crust dough, flattened, with cinamon and sugar sprinjled on it and baked with the pie . . TO DIE FOR.

    2nd, left over cake icing put between two graham crackers and refrigerated . . again, to die for.

  2. Your pie crust treats sound really good and your crochet project looks like it is coming along nicely. Hope you have a great week. :-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend to me! I was hibernating almost all weekend and didn't even get online much or read my usual blogs. Your Nutella thingies look yummy! I would eat the whole pan too. I have no control. Have a great week!

  4. Glad to hear someone got something done or did something. I still got nothing..No Mojo here at all. The thread and patterns are packed up, and the stuff I left out to work on I don't feel like it. Oh well..this too shall pass..I can only hope. Blessings to you.

  5. The pie sounds yummy! I'd make one, but I know I would eat the entire thing, too. But it does sound oh so yummy!

    The snakes creep me out. I don't do anything that slithers! The last one with the "danger" sign, would have been enough for me to have stayed in the car....with the engine running. OMGosh, I don't do snakes!

    I can't wait to see what you are looks pretty so far.

    Hugs to you and my pal Leo, too. :)

  6. I should've went with you. I remember writing my story a few months ago about my rattlesnake roundup days.

    I don't care for Nutella. You may have my share. ;)


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