Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Is Springing Forth

Happy Friday! I don't have a whole lot going on in my little corner of the world. I've been working on a hat and an elephant that I was quite miffed about. The elephant pattern that I found (can't remember where now) is a vintage pattern. It was the best looking elephant (real looking) that I found so I figured if I took it slow I could figure out the pattern. Not to be. I'm bummed. And of course I haven't taken a pic of it and it's at home, I'm at work. This is for a friend who is having a baby in the summer and she asked if I could crochet an elephant for the baby. So now I have to regroup and figure out what to do.

The hat is a double strand one in Caron Blackberry and a color called Seafoam that was given to me. Both colors were in my basket and I looked at them for quite a while thinking they might look ok together. I picked them up the other night and held them together and they blended quite well. Working the hat up I love how they look together. The blackberry kind of dims out the seafoam to make it look like a greenish grayish color but the greenish grayish color makes the blackberry stand out to be a bit more pinky color.

It's funny how separately they look differently than they do together. And who would have thought they would go together and be a pleasing combination? Maybe I should just toss colors in my basket and see what catches my eye.

As to the title of the post....tis the season of pollen. Early. I did take my plants out at the beginning of the week. Well most of them. There are a few that I kept in the house because if the squirrels get them I will be one unhappy camper. Last year a squirrel, and maybe his friends too, consumed some of my plants.

The weather has been quite warm. It is supposed to get in the 80's here today. After this weekend we are back down to 60's daytime and 40's night time. I'm not bringing my plants back in. What's out can deal with the 40's and not die. Oddly enough the ones I kept in are ones that I would have pulled back in not trusting that they won't be hurt by the colder temps. And my Christmas cactus have a few blooms on them again! It happens every year that when it's time to take them back out that there will appear a few wayward blooms that should have come out back in the winter time. That's just weird.

I didn't get much hooky done last night. I decided to sit down and use my iPad. I searched for craft festivals in GA. I found a site that lists all of the events in the state of GA for the year. Thinking that I could get a head start on figuring out what events I wanted to go to later on this year, and even know what ones to check out and maybe set up a booth for next year, it took me a while to even get through March and part of April before I gave up. I need a whole day to look and write down pertinent info.

I was surprised at how much it costs to go to these events. And the restrictions...holy cow. One event in my category (crochet of course) said that you couldn't bring anything that was made with a pattern. Really??? I can understand copyright infringement and all that, and I respect it. But there are lots of patterns out there that say it's ok for us to sell what we make from these patterns. And most of the time if not all of the time I make changes in the patterns to suit me. And so then that brings me to the point that I might have figured out a pattern of my own only to be close to someone else's pattern. Only I didn't write it down. It just boggled my mind. I think what I will do is go visit several this year in the surrounding counties and communities and get a feel for what would be realistically reasonable to be able to attend without having to put out a lot of money. I think I will write a post later on just what it costs to do this. I was amazed. And the other thing that I didn't think about beforehand, but understand why the rule is in place, is that you cannot pull up stakes and leave Saturday evening if you are not doing really good. You have to stay for the whole two days until they say you can leave or the festival is ended. Even if the weather is bad.

So yea, I have a lot of research to do. Though my first venture out to an event is next weekend at the Rattlesnake RoundUp in Claxton. As many years as I've lived here and I've never been to this event and always wanted to go. I am going this year and checking out the crafts vendors. And ask a bunch of questions. And maybe even come home with some goodies. Who knows? I do know that I'm going to have me some rattlesnake while there. Ever have it? It's pretty good if it's cooked right. It can be tough, like gator tail, if you don't know how to cook it. I'll try to remember to take some pics.

Well I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend! I hope it's all fun and no work! Cya soon!


PS/Next weekend is the time change!! Woohoo!! :o)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend planneed. I only do one craft show..I received advice from an old soul and the advice was "find one that fits you, has alot of foot traffic, and stick with what you do best and you will start to have people that look for you every year" He was right. Good Luck and I hope you find a place that fits you perfectly. Too bad you aren't closer to Evansville IN. You could share my booth with me for the first year (I have 2 spots because it was available last year and it keeps the smelly candles away from me) Have a fun weekend.

  2. Hum . . . I always thought that if you bought a pattern you could make it and sell it . . it was the freebies that couldn;t be sold? Oh, well . . live and learn.

  3. Good advice Vikki! I think I will take your advice, just need to figure out what one to go to.

    Paula - there are lots of free patterns that say we can use them to sell items made, just give them credit for. Which I would do. Though what I have so far is all my own. I've also seen some for sale that said we couldn't use the pattern to sell items. Only for charity donations. I'm a newbie to craft festivals/fairs so I want to check it out and see if it would even be worth it. The cost to even go to one to sell your stuff is amazing. You have to almost be sure that your stuff would sell. Who these days can afford to lose money like that?


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