Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Bags

I went to the mailbox at work this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a package in there addressed to me. I had forgotten that Paula was sending my give-away prize. Instant smile. :o)

I love it! The Christmas colors put you in the mood...know what I mean? I think I am going to use it for stashing my blankie wip's. :o) That way I'll be able to see them through the mesh and they'll be in the forefront of the brain for maybe quicker finishes??? I have 3 in progress right now.......ooops I lied. 4. Sorry. I forgot about my son's.

In other hooky news......remember Bella's baby? Welllllllllll.........I got down the thighs as shown in the pic and was so perplexed on how to proceed to get the rest of the legs done with them at resembling a little bit an actual leg and foot. (I didn't take a pic last night but I will try to remember to tonight when I get home from work.) I made two and then attached them. They kind of look a little funky because of making them separate and then attaching them but I think if I can figure out how to make a dress that will cover long enough she might pass Bella's inspection. Remember, this is my first attempt without any kind of pattern, just my trusty hook and yarn. The Pink Booty Lady is ready to get facial features and hair! Yikes!! lol She's not so much a baby. The baby grew up into a lady with the biggest booty. She definitely has a LOT of junk in the trunk.
So that's it for now. I will try to get pics tonight and post tomorrow and ya'll can let me know what you think. I hope your Friday Eve turns out wonderful for you!!

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  1. YEAH . . . . it arrived . . . . Glad you found a great use for it . . .and the way itstretches it will hold BIG bklankets!

    Suggestion for facial features . . use embroudery floss or sewing thread . . easier to work with and looks less scarey than some yarn faces.

    If you ever make one with light yarn, you can actualy put human blush on the checks and it will stay for, what seems like, forever.

    :0} paula


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