Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I will do two posts today. First and most important is to thank a veteran today. Thank ALL veterans today. We are able to enjoy freedoms that we so often take for granted because of our military, our veterans, from all of the branches. They and their families sacrifice so much for the rest of us. Some sacrifice their lives.

If you do nothing else today take a moment to think what it would be like, or could be like, if we didn't have these men and women looking out for us. Collectively they do a job that helps keep our country safe from terrorists. Just think how it would be without them. There would be so many 9/11's and our country would be in chaos. I shudder to even think about things like that.

When you see a person in uniform shake their hand and say thank you. Just that simple little gesture means so much to them. It makes what they do seem worthwhile to them. That's not so hard to do is it??? I don't think it is.

To all of our service men and women - THANK YOU!! I appreciate you and what you do for our country. You are my heroes!



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  1. Great blog!

    Besides thanking the hubby, I was behind a vet (veteran) on the way into the vets' (veterinarians') office. How did I know he was a vet . . VFW showing on the back of his jacket . . .served in a battle/war zone. Made me think of Dad . . .I thanked him and he gave me the strangest look. I'll just bet he has never been thanked . . so, perhaps, I was the 1st.

    \0/ paula


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