Friday, May 6, 2011


Friday again......I love Fridays!

This week has gone by pretty quick. I am still working on the dress for Anistyn....the baby shower is tomorrow! I think I will be up late tonight and early in the morning to finish it up. I really want to give it to Terrayne tomorrow at the shower.

I had planned on doing a row of the pink and a row of the turqua a few rows before the bottom of the skirt and then finish off with the white. BUT...I tried that last night and the difference in the yarn did not look right so I decided to put the pink and turqua at the bottom of the skirt. The white is sport weight and the pink and turqua is medium. I have 3 more rows of white and then the two colored  rows. I've also decided to not go around the neck or armholes with color either. I'm thinking I will make a flower and attach it to either the waist or chest. That could change too. :o) But here is where I'm at now.

And before you ask - that thingy that the skein of yarn is on? :o) I work for a company that produces software (our division anyways) and I buy cd's to burn the software on. This is a spindle that the cd's come on and I'm always throwing them away. The yarn that I used didn't start from the middle of the skein, it's one of those outy skeins, which I hate but whatcha gonna do? So I put it on one of these spindles and it works great.

Sorry for the rant yesterday......I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it didn't take much to set me off. I really don't even want to think about's done and gone.

One last thing before I leave you to get on with your Friday and weekend........on the local news this week was a trucking company that was donating an empty trailer and the fuel to take donations over to tornado damaged places in Alabama, mainly Tuscaloosa. People there are needing donations of all kinds. I have 3 boxes put together to donate and will go through my closets this weekend for more to send. The trailer that left yesterday was full and it was such a success that they are going to do it again next week. My stuff will be included in that trailer. I am going to rally my co-workers here and see if I can't get more for the donation trailer. I feel good giving stuff that I don't need to people who do need.......desperately. I applaud the trucking company for their generosity to get the donations over there. As we all know fuel is not cheap these days, diesel is even more expensive. Without them we wouldn't be able to give where giving is needed at this time of devastation. I hope that my little bit will help someone and lift their spirits and let them know that there are people out there who care about them. I just couldn't imagine being them.

I hope your weekend is full of rays of sunshine to sustain you through any dark that might rear it's ugly head. Much love.


  1. That dress is so cute! Can't wait to see it with the colors on it. What pattern did you use? If I had known you were going to crochet for a baby, I would have loaded you up with patterns. Let me know if you want anything.

    I missed your post yesterday. Now I have to go see what you were bitchin' about. ;)

  2. Aren't you clever using a spindle like that? I have one that I purchased made of wood and they are pretty handy for skeins wrapped like that. I want that spool of yarn. Did you buy it somewhere like that or did you wind it?

  3. Hey that makes a great yarn holder/spindle! Thanks for the idea. What an adorable dress. Please post some pics of it all finished!!

    When my parents had a fire at their house (years ago), it was in their bedroom and my mom lost not only her husband but all her clothes and people in their neighborhood took up a collection of clothes and blankets for her and she was so blessed. It really made a difference since she had nothing at all to wear and before she could even get out to the store to buy more. Your contribution will be so welcomed. What a wonderful and caring trucking company that is. My heart goes out to all those who have lost everything.

    You had asked on my blog about the cap being my pattern and I just crocheted on top of the original cap. Read about it here if ya want to. The cap was his favorite one but it needed to be cleaned so I washed it for him and it just got funky faded areas on it (not lookin' good) so I crocheted over it leaving the center embroidery to be showing. Happy Mother's Day to you, too. We have so much to be grateful for, don't we?


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