Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Threads

Sometimes you just can't help yourself right? Well, I've had this link for a while and resisted it but then all of a sudden I was like, the heck with it, I'm going to order some thread. So I did.

I found these wonderful colors at Thread Art at $1.69 each ball. The only thing is that there is only 175 yards on each one. So you have to plan.....something that is really not in my vocabulary.

I'm contemplating doing a couple of my red, white and blue tree ornaments for Warriors Walk at Ft. Stewart in thread this year. I have one done in yarn already but I need three more for our adopted soldiers trees. I was thinking that maybe thread would hold up better than yarn. Am I wrong in this thinking?
Whatever, I just need to get on the ball because Memorial Day is almost upon us. It's been in the back of my mind but as usual I always wait til the last minute. That's one thing I hate about myself........and it's not everything that I procrastinate on either. Just certain things. Like my crochet.

Lastly today I want to show you something rather yukky but a part of life here in southeastern GA. I don't know what kind of worms these are but look at this worm hole haven. And there is a certain wasp, I don't know which one, but they will get on the outside and look for ways inside the haven to get the worms! I've watched them before and it's way too cool watching wild kingdom in action right in front of your eyes. I'd hate to be those worms!
I don't know about you but I'm happy to have woke up this morning for another day of life. I've been a pessimist my whole life and since the big C scare I am trying to find a positive in every day. Sometimes it's hard for a die hard pessimist like me.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I try to remember to give thanks for each day when I wake up, just on principle, but sometimes I don't remember until I'm going to bed that night. :-) No matter what happens in each day, though, each day IS a gift! I grew up in Georgia, by the way, and I know the sight of those worm nests all too well. I don't know what they're actually called, but our family always called them 'tent caterpillars.'

  2. Waking up is always a positive start to any day hehehe *how grim is that statement!* I think positives for your day are waking up, having the fortune of being in a position to have internet to post to your blog, fortunate enough to have a camera for pictures, beautiful nature around you... :)

  3. I think the thread will ast longer than yarn . . and look so much more crisp. I have a dishcloth that I made over a year ago and it looks just as good as it did then Might have to post a before and after on my blog.

    We get those netty looking things in our trees here and in Indiana . . talk about ugly . . In Indiana, in time, they would kill the trees. DOn't know if thy are that invasive here or not.

  4. I love the aqua blue color..what brand is it?

  5. Kat,

    Get the book Simple Abundance and actually do what it says about the gratitude'll help you be more optimistic. It really helps you appreciate each day.

    I wonder if those are web worms?

    I love the colors of the thread you bought. I'd never be able to crochet anything with it. You are very good at it, and quick. Be sure to show us what you make.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Pretty thread colors! Maybe you could crochet doilies and use more than one color in them, either alternating two colors or making a rainbow colored one. Whatever you decide, the colors are really nice.

  7. Vikki - It isn't any particular brand...that's what I thought was funny about it. It just says Crochet Thread on it. And it doesn't have a color on it, just a number for the color. Go to the link and you'll see the colors there.

    Paula - I got the blue in the thread because I already have the red and white but no real darker blue. I'm afraid it might be too dark but I'm going to try it and see how it goes.

    Pammy Sue - I love those colors! I got another doily book too from Herrschner's today. :o)

    Cindy - I'll have to check that book out. Thank you for the suggestion! :o)

    Cris - I like your thinking. :o)

    Erica - You are totally right, each day is a gift. I know we are not promised tomorrow. I think you might be right on the tent caterpillar thing....that seems to be familiar to me.

  8. Great thread!

    Glad you're moving toward more optimism! It certainly helps a day move along better, right?


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