Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Changed My Mind

It's a woman's perogative right? :o) I'll get to that in a minute.

First I want to say that I'm sorry to my bloggy friends! I've been terrible at blogging lately. Busy is one reason, actually the biggest reason. I guess we all have our times huh? Maybe if I didn't have to work for a living it would be easier to blog more often. I am counting my blessings that I at least have a job to keep me busy.

Although if I didn't have a job I have plenty at home to keep me busy too. It's getting hot so the outside gets neglected more in the summer. It was 97 Saturday and 98 yesterday. Though they say we're going to get a cool down this weekend...in the high 80's. Which believe it or not is a big difference. I will be happy with it.

Anyways, I changed my mind on the Jill bag. I got the squares put together on Sunday and decided that I want to give it to Jen for Christmas. The squares from this post will be used for the Jill bag. I think the one for Jen will suit her better than Jill. I told Jill that I had something in the works for her but needed to put it together. I truly only lack 5 more squares and then I can put it together. Then I need to line it also, both bags are going to be lined. So that brings me to my next thing............

Next month I am going to buy myself a sewing machine!  Oh man....I'm really nervous about it too. I've never been good at sewing. And winding bobbins and all that stuff!!!  But I figure that I can at least make linings because they don't have to be perfect and they will be inside of the bags so any imperfections won't matter. Right? :o)   Wally World has a sewing machine for $69 with I think maybe 10 different seam stitches. I don't need anything fancy. Just something to make pillows and bag linings with. The pillows will be covered with crochet so those seams won't matter either, as long as they're not wonky as all get out!!!  I'm excited, nervous, scared, you know...all of those emotions of the unknown. 

Excuse these pics......they are a little bit blurry, dang it. But this is the former Jill bag, present Jen bag.

And you know what I'm thinking I might do? I might do some kind of a stitch on top of the joins. That's what I get for wanting to do different colors instead of the same color squares. See the unevenness (is that even a word?) of the join between the  maroon and purple square? The pattern is out of my Crochet! mag only it's done in an ecru/cream color and it's a join as you go. Which is ok but I wanted to use up some of my cotton threads and then join. I always have to be different, then it always ends up costing me.....

I think I need to find a linen piece with mostly the peach color for the lining. Hmmmm. I haven't done the straps yet. I think that's the last part, after I line it.

I also have been a little busy making a couple of things to send to my great niece who is in Turkey. That's where her daddy is serving with the military. My niece (her mama) saw a pic of this hat and wanted one for CeeCee. Well, I kinda made hers a little bit different but I think what caught her eye was the bee in the flower. I obliged there. :o)

I also made her a headband kind of like Kylie and Bella's too. I hope she likes them. I'm sending these off today in the mail.

That's all that's going on with me at the moment. Nothing big, no drama. Thankfully no drama. :o) Life is good.

I hope life is good with you in your little slice of the world today, and every day!


  1. Hum . . . what to do, what to do when the joining yarn shows through? How about using the lighter yarn, that shows, and doing an "X" in the corners where the locks join? Not onlywould it give the bag some individuality, but it would help reinforce the joins.

    I have thought about doing this with several of the bags I've done.

    Everything looks good . . keep up the good work :0}

  2. no drama is always a good thing. Don't be too worried about the sewing machine. For what you are primarily using it for, you can use it as practice and soon you'll be a pro!

  3. Love the Jill now Jen Bag. I'm sure she (Jen) will love it as will Jill like hers. Great work. The hat is adorable, so perfect with the little bee.

  4. Both oh so cute!!!

    As long as you use one yarn for the join that is the same color as a square you are joining, you should be fine. Also, using the slip stitch or the single crochet as the joining stitch will keep it tight and keep it even looking. You can also use the same stitches on the front and it give it a nice ridge that can be part of the decoration...according to how you border each square.

    Looking good, though!

  5. Love the bags and the hat is just so cute. :)
    Thanks for visiting with me today...I left a long winded reply ...you might have to get a cup'a and find a cozy spot before you read it...sorry. Wishing you a wonderful day. :)


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