Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Good morning!!
I realized when I left out of the driveway this morning that today is Mr. Lick Lick's birthday!! He is 12 today. And the only reason I realized it is because the full moon was shining as I left for work at o'dark thirty, and I knew the date of the full moon because I watch a lot of the weather channel.

So then I felt bad because I didn't wish Mr. Lick Lick happy birthday before I left him for the day. Of course he doesn't know it's his birthday but still. I think I should go to the store at lunch time and get him something special for his birthday, like a big chewy or something. :o) Happy Birthday to Leo, my pelo pelo. (I call him this and he actually comes to it!)

So today is Tuesday! Is it Friday yet??? I have been working since the age of 16...so long ago. I am tired of getting up to go to work. I want to stay home all day and hook or mess around in the yard. I was also dreaming this morning of winning Powerball and opening up a yarn shop....a very large yarn shop....with a large place designated inside for sitting and hooking, and also a tea & coffee/muffin & biscuit shop in the very front of it. That would be so cool. I so wish I could afford to do that. I wouldn't mind getting up and going to work then.....I could go to work and hook when I didn't have customers. I could sit and have my coffee when I wanted. I would be surrounded by so much fiber, beautiful fiber. And there would most likely be a lot of women that would come and sit and hook for a while just for the fun and companionship of it and I might learn a thing or two!!! :o) I might even learn to knit! And crochet heels! LOL. What a wonderful dream huh? Do I HAVE to wake up from this dream??? ughhhhhh

Ok well I best get on outa here now. I have REAL work to do. :o(

Have a wonderful day where ever you may be!

K xoxoxo

ps/my plummy hat......whatya think???

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