Friday, March 26, 2010

Filet Friday

 I glad it's the end of the week! My title is Filet Friday....that's because I feel like I have been fileted!! So many body hurts this morning....I won't bore you with all the details.
BUT.....I am just so thrilled. I have pics. There is only one that I can't put up and that is the finished project of my plummy hat that I told you about yesterday. I went home and finished it! I couldn't stand it. I'm kinda bummed because it was supposed to have a roll brim on it but it didn't turn out that way. I know where I went wrong and instead of ripping it out, like I should have done, I just kept going. But ya know what? I've been thinking that I may add to the brim with a different color to compliment the plum color. I don't know...I'll have to ponder that a while. Mayhap I will mess with it on Sunday. Who knows. So...I need to get these pics up and get busy. Do you like my envelope tie? I was giddy with pleasure at having made this. Have you seen any before that anyone else has made?
I added in a pic of the Bradford Pear trees at work. Aren't they just gorgeous?? When they are in bloom like this I think they look like they are filled with snow, light fluffy snow. (For those who don't know these trees, they are not really pear trees. They don't bear fruit. Why they call them Pear I don't know. The blooms stink - my sister likens them to pp baby diapers) They don't look like this now, they are getting their leaves. The red tips are gorgeous right now and some azaleas are starting to bloom. I have only seen one dogwood blooming... and I find that odd. Most of the tulip trees are losing their blooms.
If I can't get back with you, have a wonderful weekend! It's a gorgeous warmy day in S. Georgia and it's supposed to be really nice for the wedding tomorrow and then rain (boo, hiss) forecasted for Sunday. I am sooooo tired of rain.

K xoxoxox

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